Lost and Found Friend

It has been 18 months that I haven’t talked to her. I had some issue with her, which made her away from me. It was strange to hear her voice, after such a long time felt like decade, but her voice was still the same, very sweet, though matured and composed by now. She said “hello, yes, who is this.” I said “Its me.” Then we talked for 15min or so. I was afraid to talk to her, didn’t know what to say, how to say. I thought of calling her many times but was not sure how to proceed. After having a talk with her, now I feel, I was way too unnecessarily worried. I know she hated me the most during that time when things were odd between us. Everyday we used to see each others face in college but never used to talk. She has some kind of disgusted look on her face whenever she used be around me, that made me be away from her. I never had the guts to go and ask what’s the issue. It was all unspoken means of saying, go away from me, don’t be around me I hate you kind of look on her face.

It was an hour I had a talk with her, I was in my hostel room of my training center and she was in her hostel room of her college in the same city but it felt she was miles n miles apart and the distances seemed to kill me. I had to meet her. I cannot stay away from any longer. I had wanted to meet her soon.

My training was going to over in few days and I was going to move to a very far off place from here. I was feeling wet. Something from inside sinking, making me realize I had to meet her. I called her later that week and asked her  if we could meet. She said “Okay”. It was my second last day at training and we decided to meet that evening, as next day I would be leaving for home in the evening.

I called her up as the training session got over by 6. She told me to meet at her college campus. It was not much far just half hour journey. I reached her campus and man it was a cool campus. All around greenery and beautiful buildings of various departments. For one moment I felt, like I was in some London college. There she came, from behind the woods, where I was staying there stood a huge tree, marking the entrance into the campus building, which read “STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING” department. It was a piece of  architecture, though later I came to know it was not her department.

She took me around in the college, when the sky was getting dark. She showed me various departments she was involved in and various labs that she used to practice in. It was almost dark and the lamp posts were on. She took me to the backyards of the college, where the was a parking lot and a huge trodden ground which was going to be used to include new departments. We reached the canteen, by then she told me about her scores in class and her only classmate she had and how she went along with her. She was all talking, she was sweet as always. I was happy that I managed to meet her. I got my friend back.

We went into the canteen for dinner…later part of the story in next post…..


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