And I Lost It

I was at ATM to withdraw money. I took out my wallet, then oh shit, where is my Debit Card…I had misplaced it or to put in better words, I might have lost it.

Before this…

I started walking home from office when I realized I need to withdraw some money needed for next few days. I went to SBI ATM near my office. I had to stand in queue for a while before my turn. I entered my pin and tried to withdraw…Oops wrong PIN..

I decided I will withdraw later at ATM near my room. I started walking towards home. I ate vada pav in the way and then walked for about 10min when I reached ATM near my place. I took out my wallet and you know what happened…

I was aghast. I lost my senses. It was second time. I felt cold. I became numb. I searched in my wallet ten times, no gain. I was sure by then, gone man. Now what will I do. I dialed the customer care number to block the card. Please enter your customer number. I entered. Luckily I was good with numbers. Please enter your mobile PIN. Oh shit, I didn’t have it. I disconnected.

I called my sis and asked her to check the mobile PIN which would be somewhere in the letters in cupboard at my home(in a different city). She said she won’t know, wait till Dad comes. I asked her to send me the PIN when she gets it.

By now I was running cold, I couldn’t think on one thing. Thoughts and thoughts. What would I do. I didn’t have money. If I blocked the card, I would have to get money for few days, until I get my new card. I thought my friend would give me some money. But what would I prove myself as, a careless dude. I didn’t wanted that tag.

After that…

I decided, I will give one try of finding the card…I took a bus my way back to office area. I got down near the vada pav shop. It’s the usual roadside food stall. I checked there no chance. So crowded and lot of people going every now. I went to the ATM, I asked the security guard, he said he didn’t know. I searched all around the place. I hoped that ATM might have fallen near the stairs where I had jumped while going back from that place earlier. I searched searched but once you lose something its gone forever.

I was feeling pity. I couldn’t think of anything positive. I wanted to shout out loud. F*** F*** what did I do. Why I was so careless. I should have kept my ATM properly. When I was trying to withdraw money earlier I read the instruction written in the ATM center – “Don’t forget your ATM card.”

I was furious. Didn’t know what to do. I was waiting at the bus stop near that place, waiting and hoping to get the mobile PIN soon or wishing to reach my room faster so that I could connect online and check how to block the card. Nothing seemed to go my way. I was checking my mobile every now and then. I thought I would walk for a while until I reach the next bus stop. I was not able to stand nor sit. I couldn’t control my self. I was about to faint.

Anybody could have used it at any mall or store to pay via card and then gone, I would have lost huge some of money. I couldn’t even think of it. I was about to faint. Oh my god, how did it happen. I was walking the same way back. I came to the vada pav stall again. I thought of eating but had only 10 rupee coin. I dropped the idea of eating. I tried to call my family. I was looking around the stall. It was there………..yes my Debit card, still lying there under one foot, crushed and in dust. I pulled it. I was happy as hell…

I had lost all my hope. I didn’t think I would get it. I had done all my preparations in thoughts for the next week, how would I arrange for money. I was happy. I had done it. I found my card. I found my thing. I was content. I felt satisfied, knowing that when you search for something you can find it.

“Feel deep about something and search for it, you will surely find it..”

One thought on “And I Lost It

  1. haha, i am so happy for you, and i know that feeling of finding something u think u have lost and then it appears. its serendipidy. i have experienced it. it is not feeling deep about it and finding it. because it often times happen when u have given up all hope of finding it.

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