Lost and Found Friend – 2

We were in canteen for our dinner, I took the usual dish for dinner, but she was like oops, nothing in her plate. I was wondering whats that. She said “I take this much only.” I said “hey what is it”. Then she told me that many people told her that she was fat, so she was on diet. “ON DIET!!”, do you even look like being on diet I thought. Oh, you don’t know how she looks like right. She is gorgeous always. In college, she was charming and beautiful girl with smile on her face, except in the final year for me it was “go away from me” look, apart from that she was all smiles and jovial all the time. Now she was a young beautiful lady, taking care of her looks and her figure, by eating only boiled vegetables and some soup. She was outstanding. She could have bagged the Miss College title easily.

She then told me, about what was new with her in this college. She had changed a lot. She was staying in hostel, so she told me the rule, “If it is said, that this should not be done, doesn’t mean, that we don’t do it ;)”. The naughty smile and look, told all the story, she was managing well in bending rules. She asked me to finish dinner soon, there was something important she wanted to tell me. I usually eat fast, but that day I was tired, had a rough day, I had dry throat, couldn’t finish it faster. There she went on telling more and more of stuff, what happened in this one year with her and how she led her new college life. I was done with my dinner and we went out. It was her daily routine of a walk in the evening for an hour and today there was me alongside her.

We started at 9 or so, she took me to the entrance of the college and told we will walk from there and take a complete circle around the campus. Then she asked me if there was any girl in my life, had I progressed? Had I! no ways. Being in the group of innocent buds, I never came to know what is girlfriend and relationship. But she had a complete different story to tell. She started with “There is a guy. You know he is kind of cute. I like him very much. In fact very very much.” Then she told me each and every feeling of her for him. How she used to feel when she saw him during the canteen. How she paused for a while take a look at him and smiled. She was in sky high floating in the clouds of love. She was deeply in love with him.

She couldn’t sleep without having a talk with him. She was all over him. She hadn’t yet talked about it to him. She said “Why should I? It’s always a guys move.” She had a strange smile on her face. I could see my friend had changed a lot, changed in a way to be in love, love that was so innocent and so deep. I could feel it in the air. It was an hour by now. We were tired by then for sure. She chose to sit at the same tree where I met her earlier that evening. It was dark and chirps of the crickets were clear. There was a light breeze in the air. She had spread romance all over with her talk.

She was ace in studies. Always only grades in her mind. Only grades I tell you. I could have given 10 marks in a go anytime, just making sure I had got minimum score to get through. Whereas she used to score almost double in many subjects than me, still she used to crave for 1 more mark and feel sad if she got one less than she expected. I could never understand why. She had decided him to be her life partner. She was on weekly one day fast for him. She used to pray when he had exams. When he was not confident about some subject, she used to be on fast on the day of his exam. She was following all the rituals that Indian girls do to get a “Prince of her dreams.” Man I was jealous, why can’t boys have something like that, so that at least we could feel nice that who ever walks in to our life, will be “Princess of my dream.”

I was getting late. It was 10.15. I had to report max by 11 at my training center. And it was almost half hour journey. I was looking at my watch. She was not convinced to let me go. May be she had to let all her feelings out. She had tons n tons of love for him. She couldn’t hold it inside. She didn’t wanted to express her love for him, before he did. She had to let some of her feeling escape from her heart. She chose me. Glad as I was, it was some kind of happiness and smile, to see my friend in love, someone sharing so deep feelings with me. I was now her best friend, may be the only one close.

We knew we would meet after long time coz later that week I was going to far off place. I would come home once in 6 months. I wanted to know what happens in her love life. I couldn’t wait. I was excited to see her love to be complete. I had to leave that day. With the flow that she had and the way she was expressing, if there was no time limit, she would have continued whole night I guess! From her college I had to walk around a km in dark which was leading to the highway back to my center.

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