Untold Story ~ How we don’t look carefully

I am paediatrician since 18 years and I met a kid today who reminded me of my childhood when there was not much help in medical scenarios. Meeting him have brought fresh memories, some experiences I haven’t shared with many. Today I want to share them with you all.

I was a kid whom we meet in every neighbourhood. A chubby looking silent and dumbfounded kid, who doesn’t say much and seems to be lost all the time.  Yeah that was me. I was 7 when I realised that the world sees me in a different way. They have a different opinion about me compared to other kids. As my vocabulary started to increase, I guess it was slower than the other kids, I understood what people had to say about me. I used to feel so sad. I didn’t know if it was just me or everyone felt like that when they are kids.

I used to get average marks and was average, OK may be not average, slightly below average, at play. I used to drop catches at important moments in cricket matches like last run winning moments. They used to hate me. Soon I was given place only in the pavilion and stands. Though cricket being the best sports in country I was rejected by some. I stopped going to the ground.

Eventually I started reading and I enjoyed the company of books. I used to watch TV in my spare time. This was time when in school a lot of learning used to happen and I used to practice a lot. One day we had a class by our principal. He was talking about something but I wanted to go pee urgently. I asked my class teacher signalling my pinky finger, when her eyes met mine. She rejected with firm eyes and a nod. After 10 minutes or so I was losing control and I tried to convince her again making a puppy face, yet she denied. I couldn’t hold it anymore and I passed it. What next the boy beside me started shouting like I have got a Olympic medal. Rahul has peed in his shorts. Rahul has peed in his shorts.

I was asked to leave the class immediately like a culprit and my teacher was scolding like I am idiot not to ask her. Once done with all the throbbing and cleaning, as if it was not enough, I was asked to stand outside the class for the whole day. My shorts were wet, smelling and I was crying. Every teacher who would go across would see like I am a disgrace to the school, society, city and the world. It was like I had killed someone, stolen something or done any forbidden act strictly prohibited in school rule book.

I was a kid and I just peed.


One thought on “Untold Story ~ How we don’t look carefully

  1. Reminded me of my days when I was made to stand with hands up that too outside the class for straight 2 periods. All I can remember was that was some shameful moments to be punished like that. Guys and girls who did the same mistake were punished for half the period. I felt my hands paining, I remember trying to keep it up for 3hr straight. I remember that I had pain in my arms all week and could barely lift it up the day after. Shame on people who lack basic ampathy.


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