A day in bathroom :(

I used to wonder during schooling, when we had to write about a day in hospital or post office or a railway station, but never in a day I had imagine that I will be writing about a day (or hours which seemed like days) in a bathroom, yeah you read it right, my deadly depressing few hours in bathroom. It all started with my roommate telling our maid, to lock all the doors before leaving the house. Now this maid, being so faithful and obedient to the house owner, locked all the doors including the bathroom, with me inside of it and left for the day. I as usual was getting ready for office brushing my teeth unaware of all this drama, until I was done with my brushing and tried to come out. Sh** what’s it. Why am I not able to open the door. It took me a while to realize that the door might have been locked from the outside and the moment I realized that I was full of anger. I screamed out loud, so that somebody could hear me. I kept on calling my maid my roomie or help me. But no one responded. I started to feel tired. I sat down on the toilet seat and started to think, while feeling so agitated at the same time on the person who locked it(maid).

I was trying to think of something, like scrolling in my head through all the movies, teleserials or any incident I came across, where I could link it to my situation and try to come out of this bathroom as early as possible. I was looking at every detail of my bathroom as if some diamond was hidden in there. I went through each and every corner, like 10 times. I couldn’t think of anything else but the window. The ventilation window was just right enough for the air to come inside. I started thinking, okay now I am a strong girl, who can do this. I am on the fifth floor of a metro city and I have to break this glass and try to climb through it, try not to fall from the other side, else I was done and somehow manage to go down. End of adventure. Other thought struck me, is it really essential, what if someone came in sometime, why need of such an adventure, when I don’t even know if I could make it.

My brain started working 10 times faster and I could hear my heart beat and flow of air through my ears. It was like all my survival instincts started to get stronger. I could hear the water drops falling from the tap. I could measure the frequency of water coming out of tap and started calculating the time it would take for it fill the bucket. I could here the honking of vehicles far off from my place. I wondered if someone is listening to me from outside and would come rushing to help me. I started thinking about Edison, who invented the bulb and thank him for his invention. I think I had just past 15 minutes and now I started to remember my mom. I wanted to cry out loud and the next moment I could see my face getting wet. Tears were rolling down my face faster than the tap and would fill the bucket 5 times early. I closed my face in my palms and started to cry loud. I was feeling so sad. I couldn’t stop crying. I don’t know for how long I cried. After like ages, my palms got sticky and my face was like some glue had been applied on it.

I stood up and washed my face. I looked into the mirror and started cursing the day and wanted to kill my maid. I wished somehow I could talk to someone through telepathy. If only someone could listen to me, I could end this turmoil. I was tired. My eyes dry. I was running out of my tears. I couldn’t cry any more and was feeling hungry. I started cleaning the bathroom. I washed it like they show in tv commercials especially harpic and lizol and I could see a bright shine coming and started reciting the tag lines of various commercials. One I liked a lot is safedi aise chamke nayi jaise. Man the bathroom was brand new now.;). No need to wash for another month :P. I wished I might have covered some hours and soon some one might come to save me from this torture. I sat down again on the toilet seat. I was thinking, thinking, thinking, still thinking and thinking.

Suddenly I started thinking about a issue I had been working since few days. I went through all the code in my head and it would flash before me like a virtual screen and I was able to locate the problem. I fixed it on my virtual screen and reran the code. I could see it getting executed successfully. It was something I was struggling and here I am sitting in the bathroom locked and working like a pro. Wow, it was like eureka. I could see Archimedes having his eureka moment and running out of the bathroom, how I wish I could run out, even for once. Alas, eureka moment lasted for a moment. I started to think of what would happen next in Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chasma. What would happen next in Bigboss. Why they fight so much in there and why they cry. I realized may be getting locked inside BigBoss house was same. Even though they had enough space to move across, yet they were locked. I felt empathy towards them. I could now understand how the ladies in there cried and may be at times, they were not doing any drama and they had real tears down with emotions and struggle.

Now, I didn’t have Bigboss neither anybody to fight with, so even time seemed to have paused. I had nothing to do. Wait, is somebody there. Did I hear somebody opening the door. Hey, hello, is somebody there. Ana ! Is it you. Anaaaaaaaa. I hugged my roomie so tight and started crying the moment she unlocked the door. She hugged me and waited for me to calm down. I told her how I was locked in the bathroom for so long and how much cried. She asked me to sit down, brought some water for me and we had small talk. She told me her part of work today was over, so she came early. I thanked her so much. She works as a freelancer in team making documentary videos. I checked the time, I was in bathroom for 4 hours. 😦


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