Motivation – 2

Have a purpose to your life.

When you give purpose to your life, when you get deeply involved in that purpose, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about. All the silly things over which you might fight with your siblings, your roommates, you classmates or colleagues wouldn’t exist! When you are involved in some purpose, you align your thought process and you are occupied in that.

Our brains are built to work and to process. They are capable of doing immense activities. May be fiction composition, calculation of pi or measuring the distance between planets or searching for cure of polio. There are numerous things we as humans have done with our capability to process using our brains. When thus powerful brain is led idle without a purpose, we started getting involved in silly things in life. We fight over some of the most trivial things to which if you re-arrive later point in time you might feel ashamed or smile at yourself.

Find a purpose and get involved.

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