Motivation – 3

Have we come far away to become selfish people ?

No. This is not what humanity has become. It is the alter-ego of human, the evil in power. However it is just time and situation, that superimposes over human nature and forces them to do something bad or unexpected.

What humanity is truly can be seen in people helping the poor n needy. It can be seen in someone dying for the country. It is in someone who is trying to save someone’s live. All those who do something for others most of the time unknown and whom they might never meet, is purely because of humanity.

Hope is what makes us human. Lets not lose hope when the evil is strong, for the only way to abolish and defeat the evil is to be good.

Goodness is a silent kid compared to evil. Evil broadcasts and is noisy, hence easily highlighted and noticed. It might seem to be the powerful one and dominant. But it is only matter of time when the true strength of goodness will be revealed.

However it is true fact that we shaped our today with our acts in past and our tomorrow depends on how we think and act today. If we do more good and stop thinking about differences, evil will vanish.

And all that will be left is brightness. That will be the victory of Good over Evil.

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