How To – Gain Control Of Your Life

Yes. Its simple. Seven days of life and hit replay, everything is in order and you are happy.

Someday sit and decide what you want to do with your day. Enlist them and start doing them one by one. Day 1 will be the toughest but don’t give up yet. Just hold on. If you choose to do 10 things but only end up doing say 1, don’t worry. Don’t think about the things you did not do, hey now you have a score on board. Be happy you did one thing that YOU wanted to do. Day 2 increase your hit rate and keep on increasing as much as you can stretch. Sleep on time. Get up on time. Eat well and Exercise.

The thing is most of the things you already know, its just you need to break the current cycle and adapt the new more happening energetic and free flow. The noise in your head is the extra processing left over not doing anything. Positive sign of you having enough potential inside, just let that come out in the right direction. Hit yourself hard and do it. Every morning say it yourself, it is your life and you will control it and next moment you are doing it.

Play simple
Think, Start, Do, Well, Hit Repeat
7 days and you are Super (Wo)Man !!!

10 thoughts on “How To – Gain Control Of Your Life

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  2. To advise is easy, but advice is not always well received because it’s free. However, your advise for motivation is in itself a motivated advice which is worth receiving. Whether it is well received or not, carry on doing it as you are doing a good job which is a kind of social service in your own way – keep it up!

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