The Beauty of Misunderstanding & Everything That Follows It

One thing that no one would want in their life is ‘Misunderstanding’. A very powerful evil, which can devastate you and uproot your relationships. It will introduce bitterness to such an extent that everything you see about the other person would seem so wrong and from the other side as well. Here is a sample of how things can be right at both ends and yet be causing conflicts and fights just because of a foolish misunderstanding.

RV and Ridhika have been great friends since childhood and everyone in their family thought they would be marrying each other, however RV marries Ishani, who is his boss’ daughter. After Ishani’s Dad death, RV becomes the owner of the business and he is the youngest business man in town. Ridhika on the other end, falls in love with Manas, who is Ishani’s brother and works in RV’s office. Manas and Ridhika are engaged. There have been quite some clashes between RV and Ishani, due to some third-party involvement to crash their life but somehow they manage to keep their relationship intact. After all the ups and downs in life, on a fine Valentines Day, both couples plan great surprises for respective partners.

RV plans for special time with Ishani at home, arranging everyone to go out for a tour. Manas and Ridhika are on date in a cosy restaurant having dinner. Manas feels insecure about his relationship with Ridhika. He is lost in his thoughts, while Ridhika is talking to him. Unable to restraint his internal confusion, he asks Ridhika, what she thinks about RV. While Ridhika is telling about how RV is a nice person, great friend, has some attitude but good at heart, Manas asks her if she loves RV. She says yes for fun, but later clarifies immediately that there is no need to be worried about it. Offcourse she loves him and that’s why she is with him. At the same time, back at home, RV and Ishani, have some sweet fight regarding how RV forgot the Valentines gift and how he forgot to manage for dinner. Ishani is upset with him and resists to be with him. RV says, he would be happy to be with a friend on this night, rather getting bored at home with her. Ishani, mocks him, saying that she could count how many friends he has on her finger tips and notoriously says there is only one ‘Ridhika’. She goes on to provoke him to trying calling her, as according to Ishani, since Ridhika is busy with Manas, she wouldn’t even pick up his call.

There goes the moment of ‘trouble’. Ridhika’s phone is vibrating under the table and she finds its RV. She gets tensed now, since a while back Manas has just asked her about RV. She feels uncomfortable. RV keeps calling her. Ishani is mocking him and making fun of him. She immitates the caller tune and voice message. Ridhika is worried, RV keeps tryiing, Ishani is enjoying and Manas is confused. Manas asks if she is fine. Ridhika then just lies saying, she isn’t well and needs to use washroom. That’s it. The birth of lie, was it necessary ? But what would have Manas reacted like, if she would have told him, it was RV on call. She goes out and talks to RV, while Manas follows her. Manas is devasted to find it is RV. What happens next is what follows after a misunderstanding. If you like the story and would want to follow it, please visit “Meri Ashiqui Tum Se Hi“.

Now back to the beauty of misunderstanding. Manas had doubt, poor kid, driven by the circumstances and generic notions, couldn’t digest the fact that Ridhika and RV moved along so well. Ridhika, wouldn’t know why Manas is so worried about her being so close with RV, because for her, its only Manas in her heart and she doesn’t see a point, why RV should be brought into picture. RV, as again, is totally unaware of what is going on at the other end, yet calls at a wrong time. Why wrong ? It is Valentines Day and Ridhika is with Manas, so there is no point calling and disturbing their date. Life might confront us with many similar situations. Some misunderstandings would be small while some very harsh. Sometimes saying a sorry with explanation, is enough to clear out the other persons mind. Sometimes its just ‘TIME’ that heals the wound caused by misunderstanding. But sometimes, things go so wrong. The trigger which misunderstanding creates, spreads like a quake and when it hits the shores, life is nothing but a tsunami, washing away all the feelings accumulated all these years. Drowning the trust build over time and collapsing all the hope to debris. Everything that follows after is depression cycle, heartbreak, cold wars, divorce and everything that Lucifer would love about.

Great. Victory of Lucifer. He is having fun. What can we do about it. Not much. Sometimes its meant to happen, just like in butterfly effect, you wouldn’t know what caused it. But we can only try, to minimize the effect and reduce the restoration time. The virtue of any relationship is trust, believe, expectations and personal traits. Everything that Lucifer is strong in, he would try to induced in our world or probably they are present at every point of time, we just need to outrun them. For the best part, never do something at the wrong time, in wrong place. Wrong is so subjective I know, but just don’t do something that you think is not required at that point. If only RV wouldn’t have called, there would not have been any misunderstanding.

So folks, let’s try our best to outrun Lucifer as much as we can and move as far as from the epicenter of quake. However tough it may be, as humans, we can always try. After all in the end, whatever happens, we have memories and experiences in our bucket. Keep Rocking ! Cheers !

6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Misunderstanding & Everything That Follows It

      1. I just want to say what you said it in the end, that, In any relationship if the partners have mutual trust, believe and openness then the word misunderstanding won’t arise.


      2. I’m not commenting on the majority, however, I’m talking about the lovers (two strangers, living together) and they should have these things if they don’t want misunderstanding between them 🙂

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