Love vs Friendship

It takes a great deal of synergy to go against the trends.


Meet, Talk, Share Number, Talk more, Talk day and night, Meet again, Meet often, Movie, Coffee, Outings, Visits, Vacations and this is the LOVE. Wow. Pretty much that can be shown in a movie. Big question is, how do you define love ? How do you know when something is to be termed love. Is it when a boy proposes a girl ? Is it when a girl opens her heart to a boy ? Does for love to happen, anyone has to say out loud ? What if no one says anything ?

Is it slow gradually progressing acquaintance turning into friendship turning into love after proposal, sounds much more like a Business Deal or Strategy. Everything is smooth and lovely until any interference from an external entity. All the trouble of describing a relationship between a boy and girl, whether they are ‘just’ friends or more.

I am not pretty sure about the generic notion, specific notion of the people around the world, but from where I come, it is a shitty business to clarify who you are to a girl or a boy. It takes a great deal of effort to explain what a boy is to you? Saying he is a friend is no good enough. An adjective alongside is necessary to complete the meaning of the relationship. Same goes the other way. Typically everything around this pond is so much affected by the trend that it is almost impossible to stay unaffected.

All those of you around the world, may be I have not clearly mentioned the situation around here, but if you did get a slight idea of what I am talking about, can you please share what is your observation and belief about LOVE vs Friendship ?


6 thoughts on “Love vs Friendship

  1. Hi bhanu,

    Well I don’t know if I know much about it but I would suggest you to read “The Narrow Road to the Deep North” book and specially chapter 12 in section 4 (page 368), I think you’ll get your answer.

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  2. You understand love only when you fall in a ‘true’ love. (not talking about this generation’s dating where few people just get along to show off). That’s what I feel. And even if you fall in true love, it can only be felt, can’t be defined. So, your question is a hard one!
    Most of the youngsters who get along these days just spoil the name of ‘love’. Sigh.

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