I adapt “She”


Yes. I adapt she. Wondering what I mean by that and thinking may be I should have said ” I adapt her” or “I adopt her” 😛

Well no. I really mean it when I say I adapt “She.” I have been writing a lot of stuff recently and everything I am writing something about how we humans behave and how things go in our lives, it gets difficult to write an open post using Pronouns.

So at times I am writing like -“If one stays strong in tough situations, one get what one wants.” If I keep writing in that tone, it becomes so confusing.

Now I could have written like “If one stays strong in tough situations, he/she gets what he/she wants.”, that becomes difficult to write and read as well.

At times just to make it easier, I might write “If one stays strong in tough situations, he gets what he wants.” That sounds simple and crisp. And I keep going on.

Now the more I use ‘HE’ in my blogs or writing, it is like I am promoting and following the ‘Patriarchy’. So I am going to slightly bend my writings and try to use ‘She’ in my posts in above stated situations. I would try to use it as often as I can and once I have used it quite well enough, I would try to blend an equal mixture of both ‘HE’ and ‘SHE’.

Please let me know your thoughts on this and keep coming around here to see, how my new habit goes 😉

Implementations :
Akshaya Patra – True Act of Goodness – http://wp.me/p3NR8n-4s


4 thoughts on “I adapt “She”

    1. Its plural, I need a singular
      I am not grammar nazi, but I don’t think Ts will solve my purpose.

      Plus this was humoristic and my choice to blend my writing skills.

      It is in the realm of how bias comes in when HE is chosen in the first place or he/she is so confusing. So I adapted She as my first choice is delivering a story or fiction.


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