Flying in a country with different Time Zones

Have you ever wondered about flying in a country with different time zones, say US. If you check, US can be divided into 9 time zones and flying from one end to another can cost you a fortune.


But say you are flying from Atlanta US to Nashville US, during the early office hours. You were supposed to reach at say 9, but somehow you couldn’t get past the boarding pass before 8.30 and you are in flight say at 9. Oops that was the time you were supposed to be in office. Interestingly when you land in Nashville, you find the time is still 9. What ? There might be a typo ? No. I am right. It would be 9. But in a different time zone. Here is the brief story in images.


As you can see Atlanta and Nashville lie in 2 different Time Zones. So if the time is say 9am EST in Atlanta, then it is 8am CST in Nashville. Now you take a flight at 9am EST in Atlanta and the flight duration is one hour, you reach Nashville by 10am EST, which would be 9am CST as per Nashville timing. Wow.

I do not know if this is the silliest musing ever or the stupidest thought.

I have this thought process since the time I learned about Time Zones. What is your thought on this ?

3 thoughts on “Flying in a country with different Time Zones

  1. I had to get myself to wrap my head around this time difference thingy when I went to kl. It was jus 2.30 hrs difference to IST. I landed there at 7 which was 4.30am ist, somwhow in my mind was still wrkin in ist timing untill my boss said we have to b in office in an hour! N I was thinking why the hell would I b in office at 5.30 . I want to tuck myself in the soft bed n makeup for my lost skep in the uncomfortable flight!

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