Miss you

This one is for you DEVIL

Lost you missed you
you were there all the time
in my thoughts through the night
every moment in my heart
you were there you were there

You would laugh and you would fight
you would shout then you would cry
for something that I don’t why

You don’t talk and you don’t listen
you feel sad and I feed bad

This goes on for everytime
everytime and everytime
I miss you and you miss me
yet somehow we don’t talk

I know I tried hard
for the last three times
but somehow it did not work
now I decide to let you go
for the old good times

I might not remember you
now every night like I did
but you would be there
deep in my heart archived
and some day when we come across
you would smile and I would smile


3 thoughts on “Miss you

      • Oh!! That’s so kind of You… However, I think little drops makes an ocean 🙂
        And if you are considering your poetry’s a bump, then I would love to read such lovely bumps often 😉 This one is really awesome, Bhanu 🙂 Keep writing!!

        Liked by 1 person

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