The Love of My Life

She is an angel in my eyes. She might have the most purest and kind heart. Amidst all the chaos and disturbance from the outside world she is trying to fit in and yet trying to preserve herself from the inside. She is dedicated and does hard work. May be manipulated by the situation she is in. She is very decent earlier now learning to be different. Beauty no doubt has been showered upon her by Goddess. She takes part in many extra activities. Pretty jovial it seems. Doesn’t seem to recognise me and unaware of my existence. Of all the sincerity I wish all the good happens to her and she gets what she wants.

Why not go and propose her ??

I don’t want to be a part of her memory in a way she never thought of
I don’t want to give any kind of disturbance in her life
Even if at the stake of me not being in her life ever
Because for me she will be there always
That memory is better than propose her and hurting her feelings

The puddle in which she/I are it is difficult to prove the ‘genuine feelings’ for someone. Esp when she is so beautiful and lot of boys trying to propose n impress her, to prove myself would be near to impossible

I don’t want to be judged or categorised
If only I get a chance to interact in the true form without any speculations or judgements
How do I prove I am genuine
For a Genuine person would never go n shout “I am genuine”
Situations and circumstances would enable and show it
In my case with her, we haven’t got any such opportunity

If only for once she could see through her heart, for she will know who is true and who is fake. Who is the one who loves her sincerely and would take care of her for the entire life

Every day I am doing my best to improve my understanding about her
How every day matters for her
How she is changing n how things n people around her influencing her
How I can breach that bubble and interacting with the true her

Or if everything has to come shattering down than all that I am thinking about her is just my stupidity and she was never as I think about her. It is just my thoughts making me believe she is so nice, while she hated me from the very first moment.

For love is just a small word to describe what I feel for her. It is like I have born for her and she is born for me. Though she might think otherwise and it wouldn’t matter for her.


11 thoughts on “The Love of My Life

  1. Who’s mad now? ? :P..Go ahead n spill your love . It’s always jus two outcomes buddy; either u will b embraced or shown a way to better arms. If u don’t jump in the water, sorry writing blog won’t teach u to swim; )
    sorry m jus being honest! πŸ™‚
    Good luck! πŸ™‚

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