Akshaya Patra – True Act of Goodness

Give a woman a fish and you feed her for a day; Teach a woman to fish and you feed her for lifetime.

Quote has been changed a bit because of I adapt ‘She’.

Basically if you really go by the new version of quote, I would like to tweak it a bit.


Because a woman has the privilege of loving and taking care for the entire family. A woman transforms an entire community with her experience and knowledge. With her kindness and love towards the fellow beings and towards her children, she enables a better living standards and food is the primary necessity of humans. She has more kindness in her little fingers than most people have in their whole body. So when you teach her to fish you are basically feeding an entire family.

Sounds great isn’t it. What could be even more wonderful ?

Feeding and Teaching going together.

Yes why just teach if you can feed as well, especially when it is just a kid. This is the motto of Akshaya Patra.

Akshaya Patra is a non-profit NGO which works towards providing food for students. Their vision is

“No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger”

This is a true act of kindness and purpose. Hundreds of children who have benefited from this mission, will grow and become something in their life. They will do even more bigger acts of kindness and humanity with purpose. This will overall improve community happiness and prosperity.

If you like the idea. If you like the moral behind the mission. If it touches your heart. Then please donate for Akshaya Patra Foundation so they can feed even more children. Shortcut to heaven ? No my friend, there is no shortcut. Please do not just think of donating and feeling proud. It is an act of goodness, no doubt about it and it will help the purpose too, but by giving just donations, your heart won’t be truly happy.

Just take a day from your busy schedule. Just a day or may be few hours on weekend and get involved in feeding some of the kids who are studying in hardships. The smile that you would see on their faces will make you happy (truly happy) for the entire year. Great RoI. I am not sure if this will ensure your ticket to heaven or not, but you will surely feel heaven right here on earth in this life itself. No fake promises for next life.

Anyway even if you don’t it, just don’t feel so bad yet. Life will knock you to do some goodness in some form. Be ready to do whatever good you can. Have courage and be kind. Because where there is kindness there is goodness and where there is goodness there is magic 🎉

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