Sorry India | I gave bribe

Sorry Sorry very much India, that I was a part of Bribe today. I tried my best to not give bribe nor let anyone give, but I just failed today. They say change starts from self and family. I believe that the roots of corruption is in our thought process and hence I changed my self and my thought process. I now believe that ‘Corruption is present if only I let it’. I wanted to instigate the same in my family because if a family changes a neighborhood changes, then a city and eventually entire country. But alas may be I did not do enough. I am sorry for falling short of my efforts.

I had chosen ‘Online Passport Application’ mode for my sister. I had done all the processing online via passport portal a month back and we got the ‘Passport Verification’ date few days back. It was near to my home, so my sister and mother went for the verification. I had ensured they carry every copy of all the possible documents required for verification, however there were only 3 documents subjected to be carried. They were there as per the appointment and all the process completed in an hour or so, given the number of people in queue for verification. Good, finally transparency at place, doing its work in a smoother way. I was happy how IT can transform our lives and how it was doing it in every small part of the country in every small things we do.


Happy with the verification, we were waiting for the ‘Police Verification Date’. My sister had exams so I do not get to contact her directly, because she was busy studying, I had to call Mom to explain everything and ensure things are in place. Simple protocol of communication. My sister got the call from Police verification yesterday and appointment was fixed for today evening. Her exams completed by noon. She arranged for all the documents and with Mom, went to Police station. The Officer over there asked few documents like Vote ID and others, which she did not take, as the other day at verification, they just checked 3 documents. The officer gave her list of say 10-12 documents and asked her to bring 2 copies of each.

Mom called me and explained the situation. I told her to get all the documents and get it verified. She asked, do they need to give any money to the Police. I said no. I said do not give any money undocumented. If even they had to give, do not give any money without reason, may be some processing charges or paper charges. That should be accounted for. She said otay. Verification was rescheduled for 8pm along with one reference, who was my father’s friend since many years. Mom called me an hour before 7. I had a meeting scheduled at 8pm too.

After 9pm I got free and called them to ask what happened. I had got 3 calls, 2 from Mom and 1 from Sister. My sister told me Police Verification process has completed and they have given 300Rs to the police. I said why. She said they asked. I told her I denied to give, then why. She said “Uncle gave.” I said fine. I spoke to them for 30 minutes explain all the efforts I had put to avoid any agent, any bribery and followed the transparent process provided by the Government to complete the ‘Passport Application’. After all the explanation I went back to my work.

I feel so sad and guilty for all this. I tried but I failed. I was a part of bribery. I would to apologize my country for my wrong doing today and I vow to be persistent here on. I would try to my best to avoid any kind of bribery from me or my family. Change starts from home.

I have another passport application pending for my 2nd sister in a month. I would update you about how it goes. Hope this time they take it seriously and do some efforts in avoiding BRIBERY.

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8 thoughts on “Sorry India | I gave bribe

  1. Strongly shouldn’t! It’s their duty n they are getting paid for it. But then I don’t blame that uncle; coz its kinda stamped in our brains that govt will not do anything without bribe. Obviously he has done that for good reasons. That’s the standard our police has set.
    Phew!! I wonder when ppl really get matured. N start thinking n living a life that’s worth!!

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  2. How could you be so naive? Corruption rules the roost in all compartments of the bureaucracy and that goes for all the governments of this world. Why make an exception and pinpoint India when it is the same in all other countries?

    Well, since you have mentioned India, you would do well to learn that one of the most charismatic leaders in an election speech in the North-East, just before her assasination, is believed to have declared that corruption was in the blood of her countrymen – perhaps a British legacy!

    So, don’t feel sorry for having been made to pay a bribe, that’s how the system works, and money oils the bureaucratic machinery making the system work – quite simple as that.

    This is just the beginning and as you proceed in life you’ll come to know more about the well-oiled system of bribery, and whether you like it or not, you invariably, albeit unintentionally, will support it for your own smooth existence, failing which, life will become very miserable, you will end up learning it the hard way, if you go against the system.

    People will say a lot of good things about your efforts at preventing bribery, but will actively indulge in it just to get their jobs done as they know money is the key which opens all the locks in each and every department of public life where corruption lives as conscience is dead.

    ‘Say no to bribery’ is a good slogan, but a bad companion which comes in the way of a easy-going life. All said and done, corruption will still be around long after we are all gone, and probably will end only after the world ends, hopefully! 😦

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      • Resistance will be met with anger and negativity ruining your chances of getting the job done – better not!

        Don’t get confused or depressed as bribery or corruption is not being encouraged, but you are being cautioned about the ugly system and how to survive without bearing the brunt of the evil minions!

        Cheer up – you’ll learn the ropes as time goes by and be wiser to take on life as it unfolds one day at a time! 🙂

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  3. Hi Bhanu, your thoughts are good and your intentions are wise but not all people have same thought process and I have been a part of bribery for the same police verification process. But in case of my sister, thankfully we didn’t had to give any bribe. It hurts to see a corrupt society and system taking hold of the world!! Feeling sorry for it 😦

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    • Wish I could accomplish it this time. Hoping for next time for sure. Happy you were able to rectify it. Feeling sorry as well 😦

      Let’s take a stand, we might fall during this path but let’s not give up, let’s fight till the end and when we are there, everything will be as beautiful as we always dreamed of 🙂

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      • Yes Bhanu, failing is not the barrier for a satisfied and happy life but trying is the barrier and once we try then we all succeed and are Hero for others!! Good luck for the next police verification round 🙂

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