We are killing the Champions

Many of them say that it is a disgrace to our country of 1.25 billion that we can not produce one Olympic Gold Medal. Why we can not produce people like Obama. Why we can not have Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt. How a tiny country can produce marvelous individuals achieving great heights and how we predominantly being the second most populous country in the world fall short of everything. It is a disgrace.

I would like to say ‘Hold on Bro!’, ask yourself this, what have you done to undo that disgrace?
What are you doing to bring some grace to the country?
What have you done to make your country proud?
Have you ?
Will you ?

Then don’t get so excited about disgrace. Now tell me ask you one more thing.
Have you done anything to produce a champion ?
Have you done your bit in building a champion?
Did you ever encourage a single person till the end even after she has failed like 1000 times?
Do you have it in you to what it takes to fight alongside the champion until she becomes one ?
Did you ever compete for Maths, when you were good at singing ?
Did you ever mock a dancer for failing in Geography ?
Did you ever let a parent punish his child for scoring 92 when their neighbour scored 100 ?

Have you ever made any effort to change the way things are ?
If you haven’t done a little to change the way things are how can you expect the results to show otherwise.

That is the key. There is no flaw in us, there is no problem. We are responsible for the situation. We are killing the champions before they are even born. A kid who can play drums flawlessly at the age 4 is forced to study, study and study, so much that by the time he is 15, he doesn’t play any more. We just killed a possible best drummer of the world. Every year winner at the annual competitions in dance and singing section, she used to excel in arts. Her parents forced her to study study and study until she aced in her board exams, loosing her interest in singing, she just watches Indian Idol, when she could have been one. Another Selena Gomez is now just a dream. So we could keep listing out how parents, schools, neighbours, society, news, media exhibit so much pressure on an on growing/possible champion that they cannot survive that pressure and give up to that, eventually becoming what every one wanted them to be, by killing the Champion inside them.

We are killing our Champions.

Not that the story is entirely dark. We do have Saina Nehwal fighting all the odds and becoming the champion, but after all you would need Gopi Chand to be one. However most of the times even Gopi Chand is not born.

So next time when you mock at someone, when you discourage someone, mind you to just check yourself, may be you are the culprit the country lost one more champion.

Until the story continues, keep encouraging and keep fighting your war, let the champion in you rise and the world see that you can do it.

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