Your wife will be lucky

Yes, I get this often from my friends. When they see my dishes, they say ‘your wife will be lucky’. When they eat the dishes cooked by me, they say ‘your wife will be lucky’. I feel happy for their blessings and wishes. At the same time I feel taken aback for two reasons. Why would my wife be lucky and what does that imply.

Flow of thoughts through my head is as follows : what they mean to say is may be, my wife will enjoy the delicious cooked by me. That’s the good thing. But what has luck got to do with it. Did they mean that my wife was supposed to be cooking all the time and now I can accompany her or may be, cook most of the time, that way she gets to rest and enjoy the food cooked by me. That sounds like luck. But that is a common thing for couple, isn’t it. Where one of them is cooking or doing any household work for that matter to balance out the partner. This way there would be harmony in relationship.

Did they mean to say that ‘women are supposed to be cooking?’.

Or Did they mean to say that ‘men can’t cook ?’

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14 thoughts on “Your wife will be lucky

  1. I just returned to WordPress and this is definitely worth it. What your friends meant was simply the inevitable fact that you cook incredible and in the company of such a great husband, she will find herself lucky as most women in India are predominantly hooked into foolish masculine apathy and domestic violence.


    1. Well the change needs to be intrinsic, what I believe is every single thought and belief that a lady/man has, gives way to new tradition or behavior. As long as “Cooking” or other behavior from “Husband” is consider to be just luck and not a necessary skill set then they are building a doomed world themselves. It is not the creation of the ancestors or the orthodox families, it is the individual who is giving way to such practices. If she expects her husband to cook for her, she should be readily accepting the fact that her brother is cooking for his wife.

      Pretty easy ! When people start having this transparent thought and acceptance. I will not have any to post 😀


    2. Oh by the way, welcome back and a Happy New Year. I am back recently as well 🙂 Let’s continue this journey with new insights, new posts and a lot of discussions 🙂 Cheers.


  2. I think they meant that women (especially in asian culture) are the ones who are told they will be cooking when they get married, so they are saying your wife will be lucky because you can also cook, something which majority of asian men are not taught in many countries because it is believed to be the womens trait. Yes it will be good you can both share the workload.

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  3. My husband would totally relate to you. Im saying this cuz i am one of those so called “lucky wives” haha. Most often i believe what they mean to say is that if a guy knows to cook well and provided he is willing to do the same even after marriage then the wife sure is lucky since she can take turns wth her hubby in the kitchen department. They might as well take turns in other chores. As much as it is normal today among couples to share their duties, its only a kind of compliment for you to make a point that you cook really top notch… gud going…


  4. Ah the sexist society!
    At first we as a society limited women to the confines of a kitchen and defended ourselves saying that it is fine because a man goes out to earn.
    But then it went on for too long.
    So long that when the working women generation came along soviety expected her to work both at home and at work because now after so many years of not sharing household work apparently “men can’t cook”.
    The only way I see this changing is the change in individual outlook of the youth 🙂

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    1. That is my primary focus on ‘the outlook of the youth’, cos they are going to shape the future. They need to understand this and believe, that both partners have equal responsibility and share in all the tasks they do 🙂

      Let’s enjoy the transition.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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  5. i second u on the luck factor
    people have this mindset that men always rely on their wives to cook for them,
    these days it is common that both men and women involve in cooking or share responsibilities in other household works.

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    1. Exactly I do not know why it is so difficult for some to understand it. When they talk about equality, they should think equally. They should feel both partners contribution should be equal and when a guy is contributing something why does it have to ‘tagged’ as ‘luck’ for the girl 😉

      In the end, they are supporting the thought of ‘women should do the cooking’. I hate it. 🙂

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