A New Outlook


At times we all feel low. Even when you do everything that is necessary to reach your dream, you feel you are not doing enough. It is this period I would like to call as “Carrying a Zero over your head” all the time. You feel so laid back. You feel you are a zero. You are dumb. It is because you are carrying a zero on your head.

But I would like to see it as a Mathematician and what I see is, you have zero on your head. That for me, my friend is You raised to the power of Zero. Which is equivalent to One. The Number One. So you may feel you are a zero, but for me you are Number One.

Just stop looking at the number zero all the time and look at the resultant value that it signifies in your life. You are bound to become Number One, if you keep doing all that is necessary to achieve your dreams.

All the best. Cheers.


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