Mother’s Day


Dear Mom,

Today on this Special Day, I like to say thank you for all the things you have done for me and family. I know you would say other wise, a thank you is not required, but I would say. It is a way which we can let you know I love you more than anything in this world. You are my idol, my well wisher and my guide.

Every moment you cared about me even before my birth. For all the pain and troubles you had to go through, I promise you I will be always there to take care of you. Of late, things are not so smooth for you, but I am trying my best to make it a wonderful experience in the future. Every single day since childhood you have loved me so much like no one else. I know I am your charm and hope, well you are mine too. You worked tireless from morning even before any one of us woke up and you sleep after all of us sleep

Today I take a moment to let you there is nothing I can do to match your love, but I will try to return a bit of it that’s all in my capacity. For no one can ever replace Mom.

You took care of the entire family even when you were sick. 😐 They say God created Mother, because he cannot be there for everyone every moment, so he created Mother in his own form and you truly are Divine. You are most caring, selfless and humble person I have ever seen. You shower kindness on every person who comes across you. I have learnt about Humanity from you.

I would like to Thank you for all the care, love and teaching.

Happy Mothers Day.

Little Boy

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