Love – Its Complicated

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi He – TV soap on Colors TV

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi He     ||    Image Courtesy Colors
Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi He Image Courtesy Colors

Ranveer Vaghela – RV

He was in love with Ishani, since the age of 8. He was her driver and then became a young rich business man. He loved her the most when he was poor and loved even more when he became rich. He got married with Ishani, then got shot by a bullet, found out Ishani is cheating on him, loved her back when things got evened out, got into fight with Ishani’s old lover and then things got messed up, which resulted into Ishani in jail and her death sentence(*well at least RV believed it for some time). Then Ishani comes back with a new avatar and RV hates her the most, thinks she is a cheat and only traps rich guys for her beneficiary. He would go to any extreme to prove Ishani is a bad woman. The only thing that has been his lifes motto – Ishani, back then when he loved her the most and now when he hates her the most.

Ishani – The Drama Queen

She loves RV like anything, that death couldn’t even beat her (*Well it is the producer though). She sacrifices her family, her life and her happiness for RV. She has been doing innumerous things only for the sake of RVs happiness, even if it hurts her, breaks her and even if RV thinks her as a cheat. She is getting married to Shikar, just for the sake of RV getting close to Ritika, who is going to be married with RV soon. Ishani loves RV the most yet chose to stay away from him for his own happiness and instead marry Shikar.

Shikar – The Understanding Lover(*Lawyer)

Shikar was a ladies man before he met Ishani and since then his life has changed. He is a lawyer and fights Ishani’s case to prove that she is innocent in murder case. He started to become more careful, kind and love Ishani more than anything. He now knows that RV and Ishani were married and that there is strong bond between RV n Ishani. RV hates her and is trying to convince Shikar that Ishani is with him, because of his wealth. RV and Shikar are friends and business partners. Shikar is just clear about all the confusion and he wants to marry Ishani and love her forever.

Ritika – The Elegance with Bad Luck (*All blame to the producer 😛)

Ritika has been great friend to RV since childhood, her father being a business partner to RV. Ritika was supposed to marry Ishani’s brother but right before their marriage, Ritika is pregnant. Ishani’s brother denies his involvement and breaks the engagement. Shocked by this, Ritika’s father dies of heart attack. Ishani goes to jail during that time due to murder conviction. RV then decides to support Ritika during this time and Ritika stays with him. Though Ritika and RV are wife and husband for name sake till now. They will be getting married soon.

  • RV decides to marry Ritika, because Ishani is getting married to Shikar
  • Ritika agrees to marry RV, because she is not sure what is in RV’s heart and she wants an official marriage
  • Ishani decides to marry Shikar, because she wants RV to forget her and get close to Ritika and her child
  • Shikar wants to marry Ishani, because he is madly in love with Ishani and wants to give her happiness

Only thing, Ishani doesn’t know here is Ritika’s child is not from RV. She is thinking she is making a great sacrifice of her love for the sake of a child’s happiness.Now when she will come to know that, there might be a great twist in this show. Anyway that is for the next drama part.

But here there are 4 people in love. It could simply be RV+Ritika and Shikar+Ishani. End Of Story.

So why ? Why make love so complicated ? Why love someone so much that you sacrifice them ?
Why love someone so much that you do not want to know what that person wants, instead you chose what is best for that person. That best in turn hurts you and the other person the most, which eventually turns into hate.

What is your say ?

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