What is this pushing the limits all about !

Every day when you wake up what is that makes you feel that you go to push that one extra mile on your journey. Your friends, your colleagues, your acquaintances, people in your city, people around the world, the news on TV, the tweets, posts, mails, texts on your phone, the hoardings on the road, the pamphlets, newsletters and every little thing that you come across every day, ask you remind you to push that extra little. What for ?

So that you can become a little more beautiful, a little more smart, a little more fast, a little more fit, a little more brave, a little more dedicated at work and every little push makes you good at something, that the people around you, people whom you don’t know they will admire you ? like you ? love you ? idolize you ?

Why do you want to go beyond what is that you can do, just because someone in some corner of the world is doing it ? Are you really into what you want to do or be ? Do you just do what you do, because someone told you that you are good at it ? Some one pushed you into your shoes and today you are successful, rich and glorious. Are you what you wanted to be ! Are you doing something you want to do or are you doing it for the sake of someone else ?

One more hour of studying to score some more marks. Working hard for a better job, so you get to live a better life. Buying a better phone, home or car. Moving towards something better, smoother and lighter. Where are we going with all this ?

One day when you stop and look at your life, what do you see. You see that life has always been driven by someone else. Do you want so sit down in a park and enjoy the song of a koyal. Well you can do that if you want to, but they you have a meeting to attend, you have a class to attend, you have something on your schedule that you got to do. We are all nice people, we help others, we take care of our family, we build a better society, we help clean our cities and we take part in every initiative for a better life. We do good things and we do extra ordinary things as well.

But I have one small question for you –  What is with this all pushing beyond the limit ? Why do you do that ?

4 thoughts on “What is this pushing the limits all about !

  1. Good writing. It reminds me of the story of Sisyphus who was condemned to roll a huge boulder up a hill which would roll back down as soon as he reached the top. We all are Sisyphus condemned to toil ceaselessly to achieve illusionary goals. Once we achieve something, we reset our goals. This toiling continues until one day we realise the futility!

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      1. I wrote about it sometimes back! Generally I don’t put my post links in comment but your post is very similar so here it is -https://capriciouskanya.wordpress.com/2015/03/28/those-who-have-a-why-to-live-can-bear-almost-any-how/

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