Dream vs Luck

Why does it happen that some people keep on dreaming but never accomplish that ! We have always been said that “If you can dream big, then that big will happen in your life.” So why does it happen that someone who has been dreaming about something their whole life, yet doesn’t get it. Why ? Why !

Well it seems something is wrong. Let’s re-quote “If you can dream big and put your efforts to make it come true, only then that big will happen, for everything else that happens with others, is just pure sheer luck.”

Alex is great at his work and always focused on achieving his dream to fly to Paris. He aligns his work and tasks, so he gets promoted at work and finally goes to Paris. He also joins French classes, so that one day when he is there, he can enjoy to maximum. Well what happens, 5 years of continuous rigorous efforts, yet no outcome. Alex is broken and gives up his dreams. He manoeuvres onto a different journey.

Andrew is a very simple person and always had hard time at work. He was good at programming but somehow his worked forced him to work on Business Meetings. For 3 years he just had this fed up situation at work, but somehow kept going. Eventually the project decided to move him out for whatever reason they had and then Andrew was now free. Somehow things go in his favor, even though he doesn’t get the type of work he wants, he gets to work in Europe. Within a month, life changes from monotonous stupid work towards a journey of enthusiasm and excitement.

Sometimes, it is sheer luck or may be it is karma. You never know when you become Andrew or whatever you do you still be Alex.

Whether things go in your way or not, remember to do what is essential and be happy about it 🙂

There is always something that can be done in every adversity. Try to find that thing and keep doing it. Align your thoughts, tasks and your daily activity towards what you want to do and what brings you happiness. May be you will be the next lucky person. 😉

Problem is “LUCK” has only limited edition offers. It can not step into every door on the street. Luck just happens to have 10 coupons for a day or hour and if your door is open during that time, kaabooom you are the lucky person. So while as you work your butt off to get lucky, always remember to keep that ‘DOOR’ open for Luck.

Sometimes it might have leverage to give special coupons on Month ends or Xmas or New Year or any such special occasion, be happy to make luck see that you are the one who needs all the one help in a life time.

For everything else, there are always small things to keep you happy. Family, Friends and Food (*Fashion if you like it). Keep enjoying 🙂

Disclaimer : Alex and Andrew just clicked in my head. No resemblance to any real person and incident. If it matches, then it is sheer ‘coincidence’.


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