Divorce Then , Divorce Now

There is enough said about marriages in books, novels, poems, quotes, movies, songs and stories. We all know marriage is the ultimate happiness to a being and it is the most sacred ritual of two souls coming together. Across few countries of the world, marriage is consider to be so sacred that the couple make promises for life and after that. There are very wonderful beliefs and traditions related to marriage. Two souls, two families come together for a new journey in life and make great promises.

All of us know about how marriages are fun and happening. In certain cultures, marriages signify the greatness of a family. They detour the entire village or city on buggy or cars, to let the whole city know about their marriage. So when people wait their whole life for this one event in life, why do marriages break ? Why do people feel they cannot stay together anymore. What is that makes them move away from each other and disrupting the happiness of families involved. Why do people choose to Divorce ?

Since the time marriages have been introduced into society, divorce have followed alongside. Back then, divorce used to happen when people were unhappy. If a woman is not happy with the marriage, she is feeling suffocated, abused, physically and mentally assaulted, that is when she chose to move out of the marriage. If a man was not happy with the marriage, if there used to be fight between them every day. Sometimes if the couple was not able to conceive, they used to look for divorce. Whatever the situation might be, divorce would be sought out as a last resource. When they were unhappy, they used to choose separation for searching happiness. So that both of them might find some peace and happiness.

Welcome to the age of ‘I want to be happening’ ‘I am Unique’ ‘I have choice and I will make it’.

Divorce might not be a new phenomena. But the way divorce is sought out today is really a point to be considered. Back then divorce was sought out when one or both of the couple were unhappy, today divorce is sought when one or both of the couple want to be happier, yes HAPPIER !  That means even if the couple is happy, they might think of going for divorce, if there are opportunity and situations fostering lot more happiness then today. Wow ! Interesting. Well this is not so prevalent today yet across the world, but some part of the world, some communities have started following this trend. If you see some couple, you would assume they would never utter a word related to ‘divorce’, but still they break the marriage and marry someone else. Why ? Because they believe that they can be ‘happier’.

The quest for being happier, I am not sure, where it will lead. When this trend will hit some of the countries and communities, which have been considering marriage as a sacred occasion, I don’t know what chaos will be seen. Time has a lot to show and lot of drift that might be seen.

In every relation, there comes a point when you think it might not work any more. If you can hold onto that moment and try to make everything work, then life will be wonderful, then it ever was. Marriages will be broken, choice is if you want to be happy with the same person or you see happiness in other person. There are places or professions, where people marry thrice, beauty would be if you marry the same person again. Interestingly with all this thought process, I can now contemplate why some superstars and idols have disruptive marriage life and how they sometimes bring everything together.

To the times, may humanity move towards ‘Happiness’ Ooops! with the same partner 😉


2 thoughts on “Divorce Then , Divorce Now

  1. In India still this trend hasn’t become popular.. Ppl still try their best to make their marriage work, trying to sort out all the differences and disagreements. 🙂

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    1. Indeed. That is the beauty of India, the values and virtues which are introduced into our every day living are now being treated as a benchmark towards happiness for the whole world.


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