Choosing the right career – Step 2

Once you have narrowed down your career options to 2-3 choices, based on interests and your skill sets, you are now good to go to the next step. Click here to know how to find out which profession might suit you.

Now it is time to know what those professions are in-depth. Go visit lot of educational portals, newspaper education columns, blogs and forums. Try to search only for those professions which you have found, appropriate to your interests. While you collect all the information, try to reconcile how your skill-sets would benefit you in long run. What are the plus points in you and what are the short-comes that you see which needs to be over come. Get an overall glimpse of all the possibilities. Remember, you have not visited your so-called well wishers, seniors and relatives. There is time for them, so don’t let any noise come in yet.

Say for example you choice turns out to be journalism as a profession, you have all the communication and soft skills required. But you need to learn psychological and economical aspects as well. You might have to go across the country for the entire year. Certain things you might not willing to work upon, like murder cases. Try to read editorials, news telecast, news blogs. Dive into the world of journalism. Once you find out similar things, you can now think upon what is it that you want to do. Don’t worry, if you cannot get your head so clear and confident.

As I told you earlier, this is a normal iterative stage, so it’s alright if it feels too much in the start. Make a table of your strengths and weakness related to your choice list. Try to visualize how you would be working in future. What does your gut feeling say about each of this visualization. Once you have a base understanding of all your choices, now its time to choose some education institutes which offer the courses on your choice, the fees, location, placements, prospects and similar.

Remember you have got one life and it is very short. You cannot risk to live it by someone else choice or decision. You can make your choice, even if it seems to be very confusing and difficult. This is the one short you have and you will give whatever it takes.

Studying for another 4-5 years and then realizing this is not what you wanted to do, is not a great feeling. Even though that is not the end of choices and there is always a way you can turn the tables. But if you can enjoy those 5 years and if you can land into a world of your dreams, then why not make an effort to find out what fits you and what you fit into 😉

Its time to take a breath before moving onto Step 3. Congratulations for clearing off Step 2 😀

Leave a message below if you have any doubts or thoughts. I would be happy to answer them.

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