Google Maps Provides Trains Suggestion

We all know about Google and the amazing work they do. I just happen to use Google and its product extensively. It makes life easy. I use ‘maps’ when I have to travel and choose the best means of travel in a particular location. It also helps to identify the public transport available along with the time of travel and the duration.

If you search for travel options from location A to location B, you would get results involving Driving direction, public transport and walking directions. If you happen to be travelling in a city, then you would get the exact bus number with timings and the travel duration between both locations. If the city has local trains and if the location A and B happen to be close to railway stations, then you would get train suggestions, with the timings of next train and the travel duration.

But if location B happens to be out the city, then you would get only Driving Suggestion and it will prompt no public transport available in this route.

The new update happens to provide suggestions for travel between city A and city B. If you search for Hyderabad to Mumbai, you will get the below results. This displays the next train available and the travel time it is expected to take. If you click on a particular route, you will get the details about the route with exact timings and walk directions if any. It pretty much sums up everything you need to know about the journey. You also get a list of contact numbers.

Now you can search travel options from wherever you are to any location. Google will pretty much do all the background calculation and suggest you the details of Public Transports. Wonderful. Check below.


It could not get any better, with wide range of route options to choose from. Believe me when I say I was really dreaming about this lately and Google stole my thoughts!


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