Choosing the right career – Step 3

After going through Step 1 and Step 2, I hope you have got some clarity on your thoughts regarding making a choice of your career. Before I proceed with the next step of thoughts and actions on choosing the right career for you, I would like to share a story with you today, so you realize how important it is to know what you like and what you can do the best.

Once upon a time, there was this little farm in a calm village, which had several hens and roosters. This brood was very large. One day an eagle’s egg is mixed in the coop. ( *yeah yeah don’t ask me how, this is just a moral story). The egg hatches along with the chicks and starts enjoying the life. It follows the hen and lives like a chick. As time goes on, the little eagle starts to feel a little different. During a summer noon, while all the chicks were scratching the ground to find bugs and fill their stomach, they notice very huge bird flying the sky.

The little eagle asks what is that strange-looking bird. To this the hen replies, that it is a predator, which kills the chicks and he should be carefully away from it. The little eagle asks with eagerness, if it could fly so high one day. To this the hen laughs and replies, “We are hens, we do not fly. Okay we do, but only to a certain height and for limited duration. We cannot fly so high as eagle.” The little eagle agrees to the hen. For the rest of the life it accepts what the hen told. It is always careful from the eagle, so it doesn’t become a prey. In the end, it dies as a hen. It never flew.

An eagle, which was supposed to endeavor the sky-high, crossing all the limits and spreading its wings wide, lives a life of hen and never flies in the sky !

Similarly there is limitless action, potential and capability inside of you. You just have to identify it. We do not have any gifted potentials like great vision, flight, killer instincts, swimming in water, etc. We have a very special gift called ‘The Brain‘. We are conscious and we can learn anything we want, literally anything. You need to believe in yourself. You have to be patient and persistent in this journey. Do not believe in any limits, someone poses on you. Just because someone says you cannot do something, does not mean that you cannot do it. I hope you got the importance of why you need to choose the right step towards your life. You are a limitless person, I say it again, feel it and explore your life.

So now you have narrowed down your choices, you have visualized how your life is going to be like in particular profession and you have done your ground work with each of those profession. That should help you know where you should direct your focus and efforts. Make sure, the choices should not be more than 3 and they should be closely aligned to your interests.

  • Make a list of top 10 colleges in each of those profession.
  • Dig deep into the scoring pattern in the last 3 years. Refer the counselling statistics.
  • Find out the fee structure
  • Know the teaching staff, visit the placement portal for each college.
  • Collect information about the ratio of students being placed every year.
  • Keep notes of all this details in a single notebook.
  • This notebook is going to be a life changer for you.

Every morning when you get up, refer this notebook. If you are in a vacation period, this is the best ritual to follow. You are more religious than any saint in a famous temple.

Today, I wanted to highlight the importance of the choice that you make. Every choice that we make in our life, decides who we are, who we become and what we make of this life :).

We will see, a rigorous iteration of moving closure to choice and making the final draft towards a wonderful journey in the next post. Keep watching this space for more updates.

Leave a message below if you have any doubts or thoughts. I would be happy to answer them.

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