How historians reshape the truth

Let’s start with a question in our mind. Whatever we read about kings, queens, monuments, wars, battles, invasions that happened some 400+ years ago, are we sure about it ? How do we know if any of it is true ? Whether part of the story has not been manipulated ? Was the entire story manipulated ? What about incidents some 1000 years ago. Where is all the truth ? What is the truth ?

I feel so betrayed. I feel so vulnerable. It feels so delusion. The truth is what I believe. I am a fool being fooled by fools who have been continuously been fooled by fools, who think they know the truth, which is a manipulated story by extremely smart visionaries.

Why so many mystery and conspiracy theories revolve around some great ( I speculate they were even great as we see today, if not for the historians ) people and wars. What is the secret behind the death of Alexander, Subash Chandra Bose and others. Did the historians fooled us back then ? Are the writers fooling us now to think against the truth ? Why are we so perplexed ? Why can’t we see it straight ?

Was MSG responsible for Maggi’s demise ? Is it a meticulous long run corporate planned controversy created by Nestle itself ? Did the competitor create some miraculously faulty trap plan for Maggi’s demise ? Is there no extra MSG in any other product ? Is it just Social Media responsible for the death of Maggi ? Does the media push beyond the limit for TRP ratings serving us something to fog our vision ? I wonder if we ever really saw the true world with our own eyes, without anyone’s opinion and spectacles.

I am not sure if there is a way to see the real world in the way it is and articulate the incidents in its true way. If what is happening in every small incident seems to be so sham, what historians did might not be a fraud. If there is no way to find out what happened back then and know who killed whom. Who was responsible for a war. Who built some great monuments. What is the secret behind those skill and engineering. If there is no way, unless we get time machine ( I wonder if , there is not one now ! ).

But now, today, this moment, is totally in our control and we can if we want, try to see the truth. Before shaming someone, something or some incident, lets stop, take a pause and think, before we become a part of a big conspiracy. Before we become those smart fools, who thought they knew the truth !

It feels so delusion now ! *Eyerolls*


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