How to “Break Up” with someone

OK so as opposed to all my posts about positivity, hope and motivation I would like to write this about something I would let you readers decide to categorize it. So how do we go about ‘Breaking Up with Someone’ ? Interesting Eh ! Isn’t it. Well yes, many of us would want to break up with few people in life and in some unfortunate situations with someone you love. As bad it may seem, you would realize that it is some times better to move ahead than hanging around dying every bit every single day.

When is that someone wants to or should think about breaking up. Everyday you give your best and try to fix your relationship but it doesn’t happen. Every single day, you fight and you are hurt, interestingly at times, both of you are hurt. You see, that is the worst part. May be two incompatible things trying to go along so well. Mind you, this is only for people in courtship, people who are dating, people who are trying to get to know each other.ย  Marriages are made in heaven and they are not meant to be broken ! I would need to dwell deeper into the marriages to know and speak about it. For now, let us stick to basic dating, loving, mating, courtship. Alright.

So why break up ? It hurts daily ! Good. What after breakup ? Won’t it hurt ! May be it will, but there is a whole lot of possibility for it to turn wonderfully awesome and happy. Here is the intensity, pain and agony, when you might think of ‘Breaking Up’. I write it in first person just for the easy of writing ๐Ÿ˜‰

I wake up every single morning thinking about you, if you had a sound sleep. I start my day wishing you a nice day and wishing that everything turns out wonderful for the day along. I am always there for you. I care for you more than anyone else. I am always waiting for your reply, your love, your consideration and your acknowledgement. You don’t seem to be giving a damn to me ! All you care about it is your own life and happiness. Well that is good, but am I a part of it ? Will I be a part of your life and your happiness ever. You never say and whenever I ask, we end up fighting. I am hurt and I am sure as hell, you are hurt too. But you wouldn’t tell not unless, someday you realize to tell me all, but then you tell only a bit. You see ‘Woman are the most complex thing to understand they say’. Equally important if you are a girl and you are doing every bit to keep the relationship intact I am sure as hell, you should someday sit down and consider is this it ? Is this pain what it causes to be in love ? Is this love at all ! Is love the only ending. Living together, living a life and making your mark in history, does this all count. Is this dying every day for love what is being noted for me in history. Do I want it to be that way.

It so fierce, I know. But than that’s the way it is. What is happiness for me. Why do I want to be with you. Why the hell you do not understand I am ready to do anything for you forever, well you don’t get it do you? Again all you care is about your own happiness, why never about ‘OUR’ happiness. It might not summarize all the points and factors for breaking up, but deep down inside, if you feel it is time you need to break up, I would recommend you to try one last time to stick around and make it work. How, check my post on killing bitterness, about how you can see the real person once again and try really very very hard to keep it intact. If it it doesn’t work, if your communication skills suck or even if worst, that person is nonetheless someone who doesn’t deserve you, let’s break up.

You see essentially you are breaking up to be happy right ? So how do you ensure that this break up doesn’t end bad for you ! You know with all this love in your heart for the person, how can you make sure you do not break inside every moment and your existence is nonetheless just a piece of meat, you know ! So bad, well there is always a way, but you got to wait for it. Stay Tuned. Coming very soon…


5 thoughts on “How to “Break Up” with someone

  1. These are all applicable to those who are eager to break up … The stronger wins.. The weaker endures the pain while hating him/ herself for the imaginary deeds which would have made the stronger to give away the hopes .. It’s really a good EXCUSE to say that break up is for the good of the other…

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    1. Well one must always try to hold it. Break up might help if both are on equal intentions to move out since it becomes really difficult to continue. Yes excuse is really a worst practice followed, like I am a good person and I am quitting for the sake of others happiness. Impact of movies and novels may be ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Love is not just sacrifice, Love is to fight for the right and make it work out !


  2. Well I am 17 and it maybe not correct for me to judge but apparently I do feel that marriages are made I earth(you see I don’t believe in fate). And it maybe for most ‘compromised’ and ‘Indian’ thing but marriage (some) are meant to be broken. That wasn’t the primary topic of content, of course.

    The best way I would suggest to endure a breakup will be a cup of black coffee and few Taylor’s songs. And that’s it! How that doesn’t cross the line!


    1. Well TSwifts works for sure, but it is not simple again ๐Ÿ˜‰ Some choose to stick to Atif. Music is a solution!
      But as I said nothing here is like Newton’s law they are more like Quantum.

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