Celebrate your Identity

I do not look so great. I am a little fat. My face is not so photogenic. I do not look great in pictures. I am just a normal individual. I do not know who I am. I cannot go out there. I cannot fly. If any of this strikes your head or you hear from any of your friends, this one is for you.

Why do you bother about what the world has to think about who you are, how you look, what you wear, how you talk, where you go and so on. Just breathe my friend. It doesn’t matter at all. You are who you are. You have got one tiny little life, don’t mess with all this stupid thoughts. You want to see the real you, just close your eyes and listen to that little pump-y sound in the left bottom of your chest. What does it say to you ? Aren’t you beautiful. Don’t you think you are a sweet little piece to be taken care of and loved above all.

If that’s what it feels, then why do you bother about who is going to say what. It shouldn’t matter my friend. You look great. Ask a pig, how it looks, it looks great. What I mean to say is even if you look like pig it shouldn’t matter to you, because you are a great looking pig ! Doesn’t ring a bell ? Sounds ugly description. Well I change the course then. Let me go to describing in simple terms. You have a beautiful face, nice eyes and great lips, yet you do not feel happy because of that stupid nose ? Wow. How could any one with so much innocence in their eyes, be confused about their own beauty because some body in the world said that nose is supposed to be straight just like what they show it on TV.

The media, the graphics they drive you for perfect looks but at the bottom of the story you might find, that is not so true. It might attract, it might give some flare, but flares don’t last long, do they ? If you want to be a constantly shining moon, don’t worry about what the world has to say, even the moon has dark spots yet it is considered to be the most beautiful in the scenic sky. That is because it is unique. You are one unique person too. There is always something about everyone that makes them special. It might take time for you to identify that in you, but as long as you do find it, just stop worrying about what the world has to say about your looks, your walks, your lifestyle, your choices, your life overall.

You have sole right on your life to live it the way you want it to be. Start enjoying every little thing about you. Even the most insignificant things in life that give you happiness, those are the things you should keep doing more often. You like sleep, well go to sleep for long, but just make sure you don’t pile up your homework. There is a beauty in identifying yourself and celebrating it vs ignoring and shutting the world out.

14 thoughts on “Celebrate your Identity

  1. But irony of photo is, this lady went under knife twice. Just to look more beautiful. Neither she liked her nose, nor her lips. She was the one among all those celebrities who promoted girls for going under knife to look good.

    I would have loved photo of Malala Yousufzai, instead of Priyanka.

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    1. Yes Ma’am
      My objective was never to become like PC
      Just the look in this photo doesn’t endorse the idea of become beauty by physical appearance but by purpose.

      Sure do, not many are 100% perfect, it was just a picture chosen for the context and look, not overall resemblance of PC’s character or looks.

      Malala looks great by the way.

      I am not sure any picture completing the idea of post that no matter how you look your deeds make you wonderful and your own acceptance of your identity.

      I got it who could be the one
      Mike and Molly from TV series or wait I know one more the girl from TV in India’s got talent. She fits perfect in reflection of my posts. She has disrupted all the notions of a perfect anchor and she is by far a strong contender in the list of humor and celebrating once identity. Updating a picture of her.

      Thank you for your feedback.

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    1. Thanks Mukund
      I am glad you could connect and hope your friends starts celebrating his identity for as long as I am sure he being your friend would as amazing as you are.


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