How do you make cheese (paneer) at home?

This is one of the simplest yet least tried out food preparation because of the trickiness projected regarding it.

You get up in the morning and go to make your tea or coffee may be ? And you find you have been late which curdled the milk for whatever the reason and you drain it ? What you just lost one good opportunity to make cheese ? You drain it ! How mean of you 😦 Next time ! Just follow this 😛

How to make :

– Take 250 ml milk (If you have curdled milk for whatsoever reason then skip to step 4) and heat it well. Add some citric acid. What ? Citric acid ! You said this was going to be simple and now where do I get this acid. Huh. Just chill. I meant some lemon juice or vinegar if you have. If you happen to be luckily unlucky like me to get weird ideas in the middle of night to cook, then you may try tamarind, when you don’t have anything. I am not sure how well it would work. Give it a try.

– When you see the milk turning really nasty put of the flame and let it cool for a while. This is called curdling, sometimes referred as breaking mostly in the east.

– Drain of the water nicely and collect all the solid, semi-solid, fluffy already tempting curd look alike our friend.

(*If you already have curdled milk, for whatsoever reason, start from here directly)

– Add some salt, little bit may be a pinch since you took only 250 ml of milk, this will give you nice flavor to your taste buds. That’s how you have been habituated to taste it right ? Flavored.

– Now hear comes the magic. Collect all the curdled milk in a nice clean cotton cloth. If you don’t have cotton, any nice clean cloth would do for now. Just for dummies, use your handkerchief, not the dirty nasty one though. So place it in the centre and tie a knot from two ends. Take the other two ends and try to hang it in some corner of the house. Keep a bowl underneath it so you collect all the dropping water.

– You forgot! You gotta go to office. Go rush. Do hard work or work hardly, choice is yours. Come back home. Hungry. Want to eat something. Check your friend out. Oh yeah don’t come back in an hour from work though 😛 Let it rest for some hours, depending on how moist or hot your place is. Keep in clean place to avoid bacteria (*read cautionary)

– You might get a weird looking ball shaped Indian Cheese. But don’t worry yet. I guarantee you, you are going to love it when you eat. The softness is going to melt inside you and you are going to melt in it ;). Flatten it out with spoon and spread it on your bread, add in your dishes or eat it as is if you may like, just have few bites though.

(*Cautionary – Do not eat a lot of it in your first time, let the results show in a day or two, depending on the mechanism you used to make it. If all is fine, then jump next time. All the best.)

I forgot to take the pictures this time. But I am sure I might make again soon. Till then keep eating keep tasting.

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