In the memory of APJ Abdul Kalam

While I am thinking about him, I cannot digest the fact that he is no more. He has done so much for being one person, I wonder if he was a man made out of situations or man born for the purpose. If you go through his autobiography, his work and his generous character, you would know that he is close to divine, literally and conceptually. I am not sure how many roads would be named after him and how much will he be remembered in future. Today his name is trending on Twitter and there are lot of people who really care about him, but I am sure this trending is just another news or incident that happens in every day life and soon something new would come up and his name will not be seen anymore, unless on his birthday or demise day. Well I do not care what happens in later point of time, today I want to say few words about him, the man with a purpose and while I write this I can see water collecting in my eyes, may be because of the impact he has in my life or may be because I could never meet him. Here’s to the man, who proved what one man can do !

Since the days I started reading about the Space and Nuclear work in India, I could see how few people have done a lot in this field. Vikram Sarabhai to kick start things and Homi Baba another pioneer, both of them were whom I would like to meet if I could time travel. But even so more, Mr. Kalam who was (I do not like this past tense verb, just sticking to it for the purpose of composition rules) someone who was alive right before our eyes. I am sure lot of stories would fly around for weeks to come and he will be remembered for long.

When I happen to read his work of literature and his biography, I realized that his sole purpose for life was the betterment of humanity. He carried this charisma along with him, that no one could resist but get influenced. Once you meet him, you feel, your soul has been washed. His attitude towards fixing real life problems and moving towards great good has made him walk through some of the most difficult phases of his career and life. And while he had so many adjectives with him, he preferred to be a teacher. How can one person be so generous and do great things at the same time.

If I had to weigh what he has done, surely that would take a lot of space on my blog, possibly another book out in his name. I do not possibly deserve any right to weigh, but I just feel amazed at the things he has done. When I go through history, when we read about greatness and great people, I always say to my friends, that it his just historians who might have tweaked the story for the sake of humanity and its survival. For this one man, I am sure and glad that I could watch him write history and there is not a single doubt about his character, his work and his greatness. I am glad and fortunate to have been present at this time of history when I could really see someone so great, without a mark on his life.

Mohandas Gandhi might be “Father of the Nation”, but I would like to see Kalam as the “Son of Mother India”, a true son, who has done more than millions of her son could do. His service to the nation is unbounded by any range. His only religion was ‘Patriotism’ and ‘Service to the Nation’.

Salute to the Long Standing Son of the Nation !

One thought on “In the memory of APJ Abdul Kalam

  1. Wow.. Amazing article.. We really miss him a lot.. The only way to remember Son of Nation is to keep following his ideas and work towards his dream “vision 2020”.. Atleast we can do little part for his dream, which will make our India be proud..

    The Missile man made us be proud to be an Indian..

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