Mathematical Connotation Of Bipolar Love

There is this cool in me and

There is this freak guy in me

There is this sweet girl in you

There is this miss practical in you

You like the cool me

But the miss practical sees the freak and disregards it

I like the sweet girl in you

But the need to go through the miss practical and disregards it

This dual version of existence

Is what creates the “failure”

Singular version has higher probability of success

But lesser scope of interactions

Dual version widens the scope of interactions

But reduces the probability of success

If your singular version in the same scope of it

Then it is damn successful, with whatever form of version it is

If your singular version is on the cooler side

You have the wider scope

So that’s the mathematical connotation

Of Bipolar Love πŸ˜€

7 thoughts on “Mathematical Connotation Of Bipolar Love

  1. I guess the broad idea is that there are two sides to every person – one side we love and another we cannot stand. But if there was only one side to each person, wouldn’t love be boring? Besides, opposites attract. πŸ™‚

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    1. Well it is one way to look at it. Opposites do attract, but then if there are dual nature in both of them, then it becomes a constant pull/push force mechanism, leading to twist n turns and a big tornado in the extreme case.

      Love is supposed be fun and charming. I am not sure though if there is only one side of a person, it will turn boring. If a person in his/her entirety carried a singular nature (not skills/habits, but nature), it might when it becomes a bond with the other person, it might become the best of bond. Just a thought. Becoming a boring stuff, might be a possibility too.


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