Quotes – Part 1

Some of us get dipped in flat
some in satin
some in gloss
but every once in a while
you find someone who’s Iridescent.
And when you do
nothing will ever compare

“Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and then hoping the other person dies.”

“Life gives you
What you want
And what you
Thrive for
Without a
Slightest doubt

Everything that is pretentious
will come to an end eventually
and whoever is left back will be
perplexed, amazed and broken
to know how it ended and
it never meant anything

“In your prosperity you live self, In your adversity you discover self.”

The path towards self  discovery, leads through struggle, suffering and pain !

You often miss the person whom you have been hating more than anything for creating troubles in your life, but eventually you realize that those troubles, drove madness in you and that is what kept you going !!!

If you are Insomniac then get a night job which pays you extra for being Insomniac !

However hard humans search for peace in life, back of their mind they are all craving for pain, chaos n disorder, sometimes consciously n others unconsciously.

I have traveled the journey less often chosen, numerous times and I have found a way to travel back safe !

“It is not risk when you don’t know what are the odds of winning
It is not risk when you don’t know the taste of failure
It is not risk when you don’t know how bad it hurts to lose
It is risk when you give it all even after you have been through the worst
And still you want to give it a try so hard that you believe it”

“Give life a chance to make you happy. Everything that makes you feel uncomfortable is a way forward to learn something or experience something. Just give it a shot, who knows the key to unlock your happiness was always in your pocket, while you were searching all over the world.”

We need to learn from the past, use our wit of the present and have a vision for the future, our actions and our thoughts, will define what kind of world we build.

Don’t let things that don’t (ultimately) matter in the future,
Disrupt what’s important in the present –
This moment, This morning, Right Now.
Now is what matters !

Let people do what they need to do to make them happy,
mind your own business, and do what you need to do to make yourself happy.

This post is a part of Quote series containing the lessons of life, motivational, inspirational statements I have written from time to time in my life.

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