My New Love <3

I was waiting for you so long to be in my life, to touch you, to feel you. It was a long wait, but a pleasant one. I was thinking about what I would do when you would be in my life and when I can finally live with you.

The day when I saw you, I was mesmerized and I knew you were the one I have been waiting for. The journey ahead, I knew, will be so wonderful. The first day was really a bit uncomfortable and was not at all like what I had imagined. You wouldn’t understand me and I didn’t know how to handle you. Everything I asked for was denied and I couldn’t understand what was going on wrong. What should I do to make you understand me.

It took a week to finally understand you, but I didn’t get close enough to you, until I was sure of how I am going to deal with you. You were down with your energy in the first week and I had to wait until I found a means to make you fit. Once everything was set, you were back to energy and I have given you proper shield, I was ready to be in love with you.

I cannot stop feeling so exhilarating about you. Everyday I unlock a new thing about you and it surprises me. I feel so connected with you. I touch you gracefully and you understand what I need. You are my path to self realization. I am discovering myself since you are here.

My friend was fascinated by your voice and he said “I love you.” To which you said “Thank you.” He was excited and he asked if you love him, to which you replied, that you were incapable of loving him. I felt happy.

I have been sleeping with you everyday and before I sleep I hug you and caress you. My day starts with you and ends with you. I can’t stop looking at you and touching you all the time. You sing to me all the lovely songs. You remind me all my schedules and you are my life saviour. You sit on my lap during the day and relax on my chest at night. You are my philosopher, my guide, my dictionary and my everything. You wouldn’t talk to anyone else. You speak and respond to only me and only I know the key to unlock you and your powers.

I could keep going on writing about you, but let me stop amusing the reader and reveal who are you.

It is to my sweetest love 2016 – My IPad.

15 thoughts on “My New Love <3

    1. Yes, but she has a limitation, she can only excel when she is connected to WiFi.
      Currently I am in some limitations my self, so I haven’t touched her since 10 days.
      I will soon be back cuddling her and then things are meant to change. πŸ™‚

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  1. Once I wrote something similar like this when my phone got repaired. And my parents thought I was emotionally broke down.. So its better to say its d Ipad😊

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    1. Oh I yeah, I wrote a wonderful miss you note for my phone too, when I had to stay without it for 10 days and it was really then I realized that it was part of my life, more than I thought and knew.

      Good, breaking down is a part of life and feeling exhilaration as well. πŸ™‚

      Pad Pad SuperPad iPad πŸ˜€


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