This is for the best girl in my life.
I have known her since the time on earth
and ever since I have got conscience
she means the world to me.
We have been together all the time
and it has been a blessing always.
She has been my power, my strength
and my motivation.
She never asks me anything,
yet I know what she needs.
I meant the world to her.

When she is sad, I feel so upset.
I don’t like it.
When she cries,
I want to know what is that
I can do to make her happy.
All I want is her happiness.
She just needs to smile.
She don’t have to tell,
I just need to see her and I can tell.
We fight, we cheer, we make fun
and we are together to all the tough times.

I made a mistake.
I never say her anything and
the world is always asking me why I don’t.
I know she is an angel
and everything she does is appropriate,
hence I don’t.
But may be this time, it was my fault.
I made a mistake by saying
all the worldly things to her
which the world wants to say.
I know I made the mistake
the next moment she was sad.
I felt so sorry for what I did
and I want her to know that.
I have learnt my lesson and
I promise not to repeat it.

I will always abide by what I am and
I will always make you happy here on.

So I am doing what I know best, write.
Here I stand and ask you to apologize me
for what I did might be a big mistake
but all I seek is just one chance.
I am sorry and I won’t repeat it.
I am sorry I was the reason
for your sadness and your tears.
I will do everything
to not let those tears
come again.

I am sorry for my words.
I will not slip my tongue again.
I want you to know that
all I have in my heart for you
is immense love,Β beyond all
obligations and conditions.
I am sorry for the pain my words caused.
I will make sure
this doesn’t happen again.
I am sorry.

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