The Legend of Arjun

Arjun, the king of Hastinapur and Indraprasth, was a very skillful warrior. He was the son of Pandu and Kunti, born from the divine mantra given to Kunti by a Sage. Kunti calls upon Indra, the God of gods and the result of them is Arjun. Arjun is trained along with his brothers, by Drona, the most skillful teacher. Arjun excels in all weapons of the war, but he was highly skillful in Archery. He was man of talent. As the story goes he could pierce the eye of fish, rotating on a wheel, by looking in the oil placed in a big bowl. This was a test for winning the hand of Draupadi, the daughter of Drupad. He goes on to become one of the greatest king and warrior in the battled field of Kurukshetra and kills all his rivals in the war, who were his own brothers, teachers, relatives and his own clan. He gets aid from Krishna, the king of Dwarka, the avatar of Lord Vishnu. Krishna preaches him the essence of Life and explains him the duty of life. He tells him the Bhagwad Gita. Arjun then is successful in defeating the opponents and claiming the right on Hastinapur along with his brothers, the Pandavas.

What is more to this ? Well, was Arjun was even great as he is showcased as ? Was he even the greatest archer of his time ? Did he just got lucky to be born with golden spoon and surrounded by people with wisdom, intent and purpose in every walk of life ? What would have happened of Arjun, without Dron or Krishna ? Is Arjun, something on his own, if so is he so legendary as the story goes, on his own ?

Well, I have two good contenders against him, in the field of archery to be specific. First of them is Eklavya. Eklavya is a tribal boy who learns the art of archery by himself. He places the idol of Guru Drona and using his concentration, determination and will power, achieves to learn everything about archery and excel at it. If we speculate in the very systematic way, it might happen in some cases, he might have listened to all the teachings from the top of a tree or secretly hiding in bushes. Whatever the way he acquired the skills, he didn’t have any formal teaching nor any particular background. When the Pandavas, come to know of such a skillful archer and when Arjun questions Eklavya, sadly, how he acquired the skills, he comes to know of Drona being his teacher. When taken to Drona, he disagrees and comes to know of how Eklavya, learnt by self. Drona, was a wise man, a man of virtue, but he wanted to see his student, Arjun to be the best at archery.

What Drona did next is something I would like to speculate over and over again and every time I would land into different possibility of why Drona did so ? He asks Eklavya to cut his thumb and provide him as a Gurudakshina. Eklavya, does so without a thought and provides Drona with his thumb. Hence, without thumb, Eklavya could never use a bow and his chapter in the history of Archery and Mahabharata is over. In the books of Moral, it is showcased this story as Eklavya, was without a Guru and it is said that knowledge without Guru, is blind. But I would like to think it is otherwise. It is not about the knowledge or skill being blind. It was the determination and the ability of Eklavya that strikes me more and that provokes me to think of it. Was the world condemned to make Arjun the great ? Is it the story tellers, who mixed the stories and modified it ? Were Drona and Krishna, men with higher ability, aware of consequences of everything and they decide to take some steps, that are not of understanding to a common man ?

I would always been revisiting this chapter of history or mythology, whatever you call it, to know what is it in the realm of this story, that one should take and make out of ? I want to know what is your view on the story and legend who never became one – Eklavya.

The second contender in the next post.

26 thoughts on “The Legend of Arjun

  1. I don’t know the story why Drona asked Eklavya for cutting his thumb … maybe he wasn’t sure where Eklavya’s loyalties lied and that he may fight against them in the war … The story may also suggest that not just talent but the right circumstances and right bunch of people around one make the difference… just talent may not be enough and one has to surround himself / herself with right people

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    1. I didn’t know until I posted this article. I became aware of it. I will revisit this episode and the Eklavya in Kurukshetra again.

      Do you have views or opinions on the post or Eklavya relearning the skill without thumb ?

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      1. Hanuman (he was presented in flag of Arjuna on his Chariot), Barbarika (grand son of Bhimsena, son of Gatotkachh) through a divine power bestowed upon him (it’s another story) and Rishi Ved Vyas (through penance)

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      2. What do you think about Brahma not being worshiped in Temples or anywhere ? Though he has been given so much prominence, there isn’t much worship of him essentially ? What could be the reason ?

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  2. Wow! I love this post Bhanu πŸ™‚ I know little about Mahabharata and now I know a bit more. I just knew the story from the surface and not in details. All history would be different with even a minor change in the events. Waiting for the next post πŸ˜‰

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  3. Yea!. After all Its the reader’s perception . But there s another story too, that Mahabharata war was planned by lord Vishnu to decrease the weight hold by goddess earth as per her request. πŸ˜‡

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    1. Yeah, there could be multiple propositions. Like one propositions is like, even though the Pandavas won the war, they went to Hell and Kauravs went to Heaven. Since the punishment of Kauravs was levied on earth itself, they went to Heaven. Interesting propositions, Interesting views. Every thing teaches a new point and we grow with it πŸ™‚ 0:)


  4. History remembers kings. They call alexander as a gr8 warrior. What if every man in sparta was talented in warfare. Won’t the leader of the best army automatically win? Maybe Arjuna wasn’t the best archer either. Maybe there was someone even better than eklavya but he was not fighting on a protected chariot. Maybe he went to the war as a foot soldier and died after being crushed by the powerful Atirathis…

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    1. 😊 First of all I wanna say ,thanks @soumen. Bcs I also had a thought just like the blogger- that eklavya n karna lost their battles even bfr it began. But ur view s new to me… There myt have been more….πŸ‘

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      1. It is not to prove Arjun was any less or if Eklavya was the greatest ! It is just a way to look at stuff what if things were the other way around, however I have tried thinking on this end, if something changed what would have been the consequences of it ?

        Just per se, if Eklavya didn’t loose his thumb, would he taken part in the Drupad test, if so would he have won ? Given that, we already have Karna was already taking part in it and Draupadi, denied him of the right to even sit along the kings, being a charioteer son. Which again raged Karna and started a new chapter of fight against her. There are endless possibilities and endless path, they all lead to the same fate. Whatever happens, how much you change, it will happen the exact way the event was to happen.

        Like the Time Traveller’s Wife, he couldn’t save his wife, if she was destined to die on a day, whatever path he took, she will still die the same way.

        In simple terms, Kurus clan was to be destroyed, so was the Yadavas, nothing would essentially change it.

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    2. Sure, as long as you make it to the page of history, you don’t exist and you never existed. Also it is a lot in the way the projections have been made. And moreover it is always how one reads stuff. However accurate or precise the original author might have been, the reader always reads the way he wants and what his own capability is. So when the rewriting happens, things change. And it is has been rewritten a lot number of times. No doubt about it.


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