60 Days of Love

60 Days of Love : Situation 2

So the previous post was a sad ending, though true in many cases. Now let us take a different situation.

Situation 2 : Boy and Girl are together for study or job, for about a year. They have been good friends. Gradually feelings grow between them. One fine day, boy decides to propose girl (Yeah, Boy again). He plans for a nice dinner and lot of romantic setup. Girl is totally mesmerized and she agrees to the love proposal. Saga begins, they meet daily, go for movies, hang out together, have trips and it is a wonderful time together. After couple of years, a change happens, either college is over or a new job. Both decide to pursue the next part of life together and the Saga continues.

Day comes, when they decide that this is going to continue for the rest of life and they will be marrying each other. Boy tells at home, Girl tells at home. One of the family agrees, say the Boy family does. Girl’s family doesn’t quite agree. I will leave it up to your own imagination for the reasons of saying no. Then the girl tries to convince the family, fights with them. Days go on. Slowly and eventually things fall along. Both families meet. They work it out. Happily Married Ever After.


Quite similar to the 2 States movie, oh yeah. But let me tell you this is more of a story of 1 in 10 nowadays in major cities across India, who are in relationship ! So yeah, situation 2 is sweet, bumps in the middle but ends well.

This are the concrete kind of people who pursue their dreams and wishes. They try to accomplish what they want and are willing to pay the price. Emotions are not too strong nor very light. They are of the appropriate nature to feel the romance around and not to upset the expectations. This creates a harmony in their life and people around them. It is rare for stories to fall along the above situation, but I have seen and seeing more of the success stories around the above line.

Loving is a great feeling. Fighting for your love with your love to get your love forever along with the people who matter for you, is the challenge imposed on the new generation and those who are successful in accomplishing all of the above are my inspiration. This are people with guts. Salute to the kind. Waiting for more success stories.

Until the more stories come up and different kinds of situations are evaluated. Take care.

2 thoughts on “60 Days of Love

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