60 Days Of Love

60 days of Love :

How much time do you need to fall in love ? Is love instantaneous for you ? Do you need time to analyse and determine if you are in love ? What is the difference between falling in love and being in love ? Well Love is around everywhere in this week, so I want to speculate on certain things on how and what is Love !


What is the difference between affection and love. Is there a transformation from the day you are affectionate to the day you are in love ? Is the transformation a calculation of stuff or is it affirmation of the chemical reactions going on inside the head ? Is it different for every individual on how they deal with it ? Is it different for a boy compared to a girl ? Is love a assurance or a feeling ? Is love a emotion or a commitment ?

Situation 1 :  A boy and a girl come across each other, have a great talk and possibly exchange contact. Over the period of time, they chat, talk on calls, meet few times.

Day 1 : Boy is happy. Girl is happy. Boy thinks girl is beautiful and sweet. Girl thinks boy is smart and charming.

Day 15 : Boy is addicted. Girl is happy. Boy thinks he is falling for her. Girl thinks she might be falling for him.

Day 30 : Boy is totally in love. He thinks of proposing her. Girl is now analyzing if it is love. If the boy loves her, if her parents will agree, if the future will be secure. Girl is speculating.

Day 31 : Boy proposes her. Girl acknowledges and asks for time.

Day 45 : Boy is still waiting, confused, worried and wondering. Girl is still thinking. She enjoys the emotions boy showers on her. She is trying to question in on every thought that boy has. It is a test, that the boy will have to pass.

Day 55 : Boy is now frustrated. He questions her for affirmation. Girl is upset. She is sad, that this doesn’t work out. He is not sweet anymore. He is troubling her.

Day 60 : Boy feels she is avoiding him. She is sad and don’t know how to deal with it. Boy says mean things to her. She cannot accept it. She blocks him. He doesn’t exist in her life.

OK, before anyone takes sides, whether the boy is at mistake or the girl. If it sounds something against girls then certainly it is not. This is just a situation 1 of how things happen and what happens in 60 days of Love.

I believe there is a chain reaction in the body, since the time a boy and girl come across each other in situation 1 and which prevails for over a period of time around 60 days, then things change and that causes lot of upsets, disappointments, fights, misunderstandings and so on to eventually end up in break up, may be.

But so to say, this is just Situation 1, there are many more, I will come up with those soon. Until the next post, how is your Valentine Week going on ?

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