Experience of Death

Experience of Death

You are in the middle of the ocean
with no land for nautical miles
you swim for hours
and you try so hard
but horizon is so far away
you have lost all your energy

You are tired and stay afloat
gazing the blue sky
You know you are going to die
You let your body lose
and float under water
You don’t put any efforts
You are a piece of meat

You know you are going to
experience peaceful death
Your body will drown
water will entire your lungs
and fill them up
Water will entire your mouth
and you will feel heavy
you move under water slowly
and gradually speed increases

You are floating in water
you experience weightlessness
Your life flashes before you
and all the moments
that matter to you
gleam before your closed eyes
You smile
You embrace those moments
in the little time
that is left for you

You are now going down
at a higher speed
and until you land
on the seabed
you are dead
When your body strikes the surface
you see it from the outside
and you know
there lies a man
who died a solemn death


20 thoughts on “Experience of Death

      1. Whatever happens during the course of life, peace eventually makes way into our life, even if it has to bring death in its form. Our success is in being peaceful during the existence called Life !

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. It intends to engage. It is nice you could connect and experience it from the words written. May be explore some more of the posts and share your valuable feedback ?


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