Why we always end up doing something we don’t want it to happen !

Part of the reason I think about something in a way is because I think you think about something in that way, but I know you think about everything in a way you want to think, irrespective of the way I think about it. So I will think about everything in a way I want to think. Now that I know how you think about everything and what I want to think is to be think like you. So I would keep thinking like the way you think about everything. Which ironically lands me into the same place, I was thinking about not thinking like you, yet thinking like myself and be thinking like you as well.

This is how the thought process is where we know what we want, yet we do what others want so that everyone is happy, yet we land up doing what we originally wanted. This could be applicable in both ways, where we didn’t want to do something, yet we keep thinking in a way that we don’t want to do something and keep doing that and eventually land up in the first place doing the same thing we didn’t want to do.

So, as I always say and think, however the odds are and however the situation is, people always land up doing what they are going to do in the first place and everything they try to do for making everyone happy including themselves is not what they do. So it is like you start by saying I won’t do something just because it is not what I am supposed to do, but may be I want to do, but then you do a lot of things and then you end up doing the same thing you didn’t want to do.

Be Natural. Be You. Just Do It. Because whatever you think you are going to do and what you wouldn’t do, doesn’t matter, you will always do what you meant to do.

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