3 Short Love Stories

STORY ONE : (A Sad One)

This is a third person view of a story. I have been told about this by a friend. A boy and girl are in love, they are from same state but from different castes. The boy is out of country working somewhere and she is back at home. They were in relationship for many years, now it is time for getting married. The boy came to city to work it out. The girl is reluctant in agreeing to it. The girl’s parents are adamant and orthodox. They deny of this relationship and disagree to any possibility on discussion about marriage. The girl tries to convince her parents, but nothing seem to work out. She then decides to send the boy a harsh message and ask him to forget her. She apologizes and sends a message (CHAT) that clearly shows her helplessness to convince them. She asks him to hate her and in the hate, decide to move on in his life to achieve greatness and a great partner. The boy needs to go back in few days.

What is this all about ? Was it lack of communication before the love continued for so long ? Is it lack of communication now ? What can the boy do at this point ? Why do they love so much that they become blind and when the situation demands them to be strong, why they be good people and sacrifice the love ?

STORY TWO : (A Confused One)

The boy and girl both work in the same company and get to know each other well. Love builds and they hangout often together. This continues for a year. Then they both decide to quit the job and pursue higher studies. They both get admission in different colleges. Now that they know their paths are going to be different and it is going to be long distant relationship, if they want to call it so, they know in their heart that it won’t work out. So they kiss good bye. They girl continuous to be firm, but the boy gets emotionally broke and very demanding. Girl decides to block him out for his own good. 2 years after their PG, they decide to connect again. She talks well. He talks well. Now the boy’s parents are looking for a girl and he has to go look for her in 2 weeks. He decides to ask her about their love and the possibility of marriage (ON CHAT), which she fairly denies. She feels sad about what happened back then and that she has to repeat again now, breaking his heart. She informs clearly that whatever has to happen, she will marry the guy her parents choose and it has always been son.

What is this all about ? Is this lack of communication ? Do they need to sit out and discuss on this ? Is this over ? What can the boy do now ?

STORY THREE : (A Happy One)

A girl from a little village, goes to work in a metro city and is career oriented. She is a great coder and there isn’t anything like love in her life. Eventually after 2 years of work life, she realizes that a boy who has proposed her, really loves her and that she likes him to. She decides he is the one for her. She goes and informs her parents. They do not agree as usual ( not from same state and caste ). They don’t like the boy at all and they scold her a lot. But she was one of those firm kind. She tries to convince them. Over the period of 2 months, there are multiple discussion between her and family. The boys side is ready since beginning. After lot of discussions, her parents agreed. When I asked about how ? She told me that it is a SECRET. Well I will come to know of it soon. For now, they are going to be married some day !

What was this all about denying and agreeing ? Did she do any different from the above 2 cases ? Did she fight differently than others or she was just lucky ? What is the SECRET she is talking about ?

Well, this is how stories are nowadays and I am sure you will connect to this certainly with your own life or of your friends or of someone whom you know. This is a everyday story.

What I believe is, communication and acceptance must be first readily agreed upon and then when it is clear that this is meant to be, one must clearly fight for it till the end. It might be different for different people and circumstances, but again, they always know what they are and what their life is like.

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