Why we don’t follow, what we say ! Conservation of Earth

Buddha came to this Earth some thousands of years back and he gave some teachings about way to life. Things went well and Ashoka took it the prime of Buddhism. Kings help spread religion vastly. People of a kingdom are what the king is. Then came a time, when Gupta dynasty fell and Buddhism left India to prosper China and Japan. It took many twists and turns in the way though and what was originally proposed changed a lot in the course of time.

Whoever wrote Vedas, had a great insight to life. They provided valuable lessons of life and living. The language was lost and the hymns not understood. Pali left, Brahmi came along and lost the way to make way for Sanskrit. Vedas made way to Upanishads. Sanskrit became difficult to understand and so Hindi came in. It blend with Urdu well. We don’t know what the original manuscripts were. History got wiped under the mud and whatever remains is left to the comprehension of the reader and observer. We lost our way to see life. We lost our understanding of life.

We started again and we are now confused. What was once achieved 2000 years back in Indus Valley Civilization, we did that from scratch. We all know our deeds result into the well being of the mother nature, but we don’t make efforts to control our actions which harm the Earth. We don’t stop using plastic. We don’t stop using personal vehicles. We don’t plant trees. We just speak of protecting the Earth, the greenery and conservation. We bring new branches of education for Conservation and Renewable Energy sources. We do everything to spread awareness and then what ?

You go and do the same things you did always ! Spoil Kids. It always ends with the civilizations washed out. We know there were civilizations (Mesopotamia, Greek, Indus Valley), that got washed away. Was it the result of Men that caused it. May be sometimes, violent nature caused a catastrophe to wipe out the civilization. But clearly this time we are smart enough to see our actions repaying with in this generation.

One day you will realize, if only you had reduced your Carbon Footprint, you could have saved a country from getting wiped out of the world. How ? There are islands in West Indies, Indian Ocean and Pacific, covering an area of some 100km. They are 2m above the sea level and around 1000 of native inhabitants. They speak a language incomprehensible by you and me. Infact some languages are incomprehensible by anyone other than those on that island.

Within the last 2 decades, we have seen some cultures relocate and shift to places unknown to them. They might survive, but they loose their originality. They loose their culture. They survive by absorbing the culture of new location. Imagine, one fine day, technically one worst day, you loose your house all your earning, your degree certificates, your identity and passport in the flood or earthquake. You shift to a new place and start living a new life. We all see similar things happening around us. Is God responsible for it ?

You know what I am talking about ! What you will do starting today ?

  • Plant a tree
  • Don’t use plastic at all (I know you can’t survive. Try. You will reduce usage by 90 %, if not 100 %)
  • Reduce carbon emission from vehicles. Use Public transport, car pooling. ( Be Safe+Cautious )
  • Do everything that you need to do help the nature.

Google – Conservation of Greenery. Don’t read for hours. Just pick one and execute.

So, I will share a story of what I did soon. This was a kick start for someone suggested me to write about Environmental Issues !


7 thoughts on “Why we don’t follow, what we say ! Conservation of Earth

  1. Now that’s what an insightful blog looks like.
    I loved that way how you have started from religion to vedas to languages to civilizations. Very well articulated 👏👏

    I have always thought this should not be just your thought, not just mine, it should be EVERYONE’s duty to save the earth for the next billion years. You are bang on about the title. . We don’t follow!
    It is a great start, I hope at least 2 in 10 get inspired and start acting. I’m doing my bit by not using plastic. I carry a cotton bag if I go grocery shopping or even otherwise in my bag and deny taking plastic from the shop keeper.
    If there’s no one to BUY, WHO would they sell it to? then why would someone MAKE them? – I don’t understand why we don’t do this.
    I am sure we can bring in the change and avoid destroying our home. I will do more.
    Thank you for the thought provoking read.
    Cheers buddy!

    P.S : damn, I hav written a small blog here. . Haha.. pls bear with me!

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  2. Mast likha hai bhai 🙂 Kaisa hai? I love your ideas and we all have to take steps to make things work in the favor of humanity. God is never responsible because there is something more powerful than God. It’s human brain. We reap what we sow & the ill thoughts and the hunger to have more, makes the existence of humans questionable. We all gotta understand this and hope we understand sooner 🙂

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    1. Sooner is a relative term ! Hopefully we don’t get very late.

      I am not so good. Definitely not good. February hasn’t been good. Hope March bring merry.

      Well my ideas are not original, they are just generic things one must do. But no one does. It is said. Hence I don’t blog about those things. Someone told me to write so I will start writing about Environment once in a while.

      How’s your side of Earth (I mean your life ) 😉

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