What do they actually mean by the tags on Indian Matrimonial Sites

Below is a completely alter view of the Indian Wedding Approach and Finding a Life Partner via Arranged Marriage. Below is the view of What They Write and What They Mean in Brackets. Pun Intended.

Requirement for a Partner :

  • Color – Should be Fair ( We are racists. We don’t marry someone of different kind and we are intrinsically conscious of the color of your skin. It matters a lot to us and even if you have every other quality and resource to be a best partner, we will eliminate (yes ELIMINATE as in capital) you. )


  • Caste – Mentions their own caste or closer one. (We fight against the caste, we fight for equality, but the back of mind, we are people who are driven by our caste. We marry only people from our own caste, even if it means losing the best partner from other caste and landing on a very less matching partner. We are against caste for all other things, for e.g. reservation, education, resource distribution and so on, but we know it is part of our DNA, C in the ACGT )


  • Earnings / Background – Should be from a well mannered family earning lots of bucks(more than me if it is a boy). Should have a house. Should a stable job. Normal statement goes like this (Should be a govt officer, Should be a IT engineer, Should be a Doctor and so on ).
    • What they mean is – if you don’t earn sufficient enough to match their standards you don’t have the right to get married. If you have the potential to do something great or even if you have done something great, it doesn’t matter as long as what you do is in their requirement list. Alternatively if you earn a lot, like a lot or you are a heir of a millionaire, then you might not have any other quality, this might flag you into the potential candidate for marriage in their requirement list.


  • Horoscope – My Horoscope and Yours, should match as per Astrology.
    • What they mean is – We abide by the time of your birth and it doesn’t matter what you do and what you are, if you are born on the wrong time, then you are not the person I would like to marry. Why ? I don’t know. My pandit and parents says so. Does any body know how it works ? If you are a Manglik girl, then God bless you, but we don’t want you in our family, unless our son is a Manglik too. But again, if you have something that can lure us or convince us, we will play with the stars and feed some thing, if required we will bribe the pandit, who in turn will bribe the Gods and Fate itself and the table will turn towards your side and you are good to go.


There are certain other things as well mentioned in the Requirement list, I will add them gradually in the post. But for now, something that catches my attention and something I see all around. It is their marriage and it is their personal choice. Understood. But when a lot of people do the same thing it becomes a part of culture and if a lot of people do something that is not so fair enough then the culture itself becomes not so fair enough.

Please share your views.

9 thoughts on “What do they actually mean by the tags on Indian Matrimonial Sites

  1. Haha… Nice. I guess to avoid such situations, everyone should opt for love marriage then. Though you still might get objections from Parents/Relatives etc. But if the couples are strong willed, they will be able to overcome any obstacles.

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    1. No, then it doesn’t help much I guess. Going polar in any direction is not good. As much as the opposition to love marriage is not fair, the mandate on arranged marriage is not fair, similarly a mandate or compulsion for love marriage isn’t so fair as well.

      What we want is acceptance in society by family and parents, that color, caste and other prejudices are not the only determining factors and when someone appropriate comes along in a the marriage list for a girl/boy, they must accept it.

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  2. Very well said, Indian marriages should come under social evil I believe. From rich to poor everyone is affected by this and its pretty sad to see when educated people promote it. Even they know that practicing dowry and rejecting someone because of caste issue is really very bad, they don’t take a stand there and simply say “its what my parents wanted and I didn’t want to hurt them”.

    Isn’t this ridiculous when your dad said not to party all night and stay away, you didn’t had this feeling of how bad it would feel.

    I feel that at least the ones who are educated should protest it every where, especially in their family and then only we can hope an end to this evil.

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    1. Yes. I am waiting to see such a change.
      I haven’t seen a single person who has gone in this direction in arranged marriage, denying the parents for same caste marriage or some terms they have.

      Though for people in love marriages, this terms are always protested and change is already seen.

      Thanks for your feedback.

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