What was the turning point in Ramayana which led to Battle of Lanka !

There are many versions in the Epic Story of Ram, like the Valmiki version, the Tulsidas version and various others. I have a general understanding of various events in Ramayana, which are normally known to the people of India as TV series, books, novels or the Ramayana itself. I was contemplating on various aspects of Ramayana and if you follow my blog, you would know recently I have been doing some study on this Epics and hence frequent posts on them.

Today I want to take you on a ride to a complete new chain of thoughts which can blow your mind on what your understanding about the Ramayana and the characters in the story. As the story goes, the turning point happens in Ramayana happens when Kaikayee influenced by the words of Manthara, asks King Dasharth to drive away Prince Rama out of the kingdom into exile, so her son Bharath becomes the king in future. So that happens, but this event has not yet become the cause of demise of Raavan or Lanka.

Sita, wife of Rama, decides to follow her husband into the exile or jungle. Well good, she was his wife and they vow to be together in good and bad. Fantastic, both go along. Hold on, there is a twist ! Lakshman, brother of Ram, decides to follow his brother and leaves behind his wife, breaking the vow of being together in good or bad. So the Trio, Ram-Sita-Lakshman go to the jungle. Nice. Enjoy the Trip.

The Biggest Turning Point of the Story – Surpanakha. You don’t know her ? She is sister of Raavan, who becomes the antagonist of the Ramayana, because of the event that I am going to describe shortly. Surpanakha, was a widow, who used to roam in the Jungles of South India. One fine day, during her visit to Panchvati, she falls for beauty of Ram. Ram however denies her saying he is faithful to Sita and can’t be interested in her. Well, Surpanakha turns to equally good looking Lakshman, who denies her too. What follows is some discussion, fight and Lakshman cutting her nose. She goes to her brother, Raavan and asks him to take revenge with the Brothers. You know what happens next, Raavan kidnaps Sita, Ram follows to Lanka along with Hanuman, who fires the entire Lanka, a epic War and demise of Lanka. Adios Raavan, thanks to your sister. Well, not her fault actually.

Now, what is interesting in my point of view is, if only Ram and Sita, went to exile. Lakshman stayed back with his wife and took care of Ayodhya. Then Surpanakha, would have agreed to that Ram is faithful to Sita and might have left. Then there would be no nose cutting and no Epic War. Raavan would be away from all this and so would Lanka be. Also, Lakshman was a angry youthful person, hence he treated with violence, may be. Ram on the other hand, if Surpanakha insisted, to be with him, would have found a different way to solve the issue. You are getting where I am going with this Β ?

Everything happened in a way, because of Kaikayee and Surpanakha. But I believe there would have been a lot of different series of event, if Lakshman didn’t pitch in on the day, Ram left Ayodhya. There was no need. Ram was powerful enough to take care of himself and Sita. Why did he go ? WHY ! Poor Lanka, burnt in fire.

So if you ask me ! What was the turning point in Ramayana which led to the Battle of Lanka, then it would be the day or event when Lakshman optedΒ to go with Ram !


12 thoughts on “What was the turning point in Ramayana which led to Battle of Lanka !

    1. Well this is just random thoughts. It is like Rap in the Mythology. I am twisting and turning the music.

      We never know what happened exactly, but we know something happened. Now something happened, which resulted into something very bad and I always think on what was the turning point. So I revisit many episodes often in History and Epics and try to see what each event has to offer. Every time I come up with different reasoning and understanding.

      This was one of the them.


  1. Hello Bhanu! Thanks for taking me into the journey of this epic tale of Ramayana, once again. Actually Surpanakha tried to propose Ram which he denied and told that she is faithful to Sita. Then Ram jokingly told her to try with Lakshmana. He also denied her proposal. Then Surpanakha tried to attack sita because she was the sole reason for being rejected by Ram, as in her opinion. To save Seeta, Lakshman severed the nose of Surpanakha. Then she went and told this incident to Ravana and asked revenge on this. This brought demise of Ravana. Lakshmana was very much dedicated to Rama and Sita, so instead of living in a kingdom without them he opted to live in forests with them.

    Just saying Bhanu. Have a beautiful week ahead. πŸ™‚

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      1. Yes bro almost similar, but not completely! Just emphasizing the incident that why did Lakshman attacked and severed Surpanakha’s nose and why did Lakhsman chose to go with Ram and sita leaving her wife behind.

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