2 Blame It On Me Stories

Story 1 – (Love Enforced)

I have a friend, who very hardworking and is occupied in work all the year round, auditing some of the Industry giants of the country. He works his butt off for 14-16 hours and sometimes he is on no sleep mode. He was not like this always. I know him from college and since then we are inseparable. After college, though there was a time, when he chose to be away or may be he didn’t have time, because he was involved with his colleague at work. He didn’t quite know what his feelings were, but he was certainly interested in her.

So on, one not so fine night, he calls me up and tells me his bike is punctured and he is dragging his bike for a km ahead. And he tells me a lot of things about her, based on which I tell him to call her and talk with her. I kind of push him, as he says now. He talks of moon and her face in the glow. Somewhat poetic and romantic lines. Later what happens is they get very close, however it turns sadly after an year or so. (Check here – the Confused One)

He says it was all my fault to start it in the first place. So I accept it and say – Blame it on me !

Story 2 – (Alcohol Addiction)

I used to stay with my friends in our rented apartment, which was more like a second family to me, since we used to cook together, eat like a family and take care of each other. This continued for an year or so and then some of us had to split up and new guys came in. Everything continued, however there was this one guy, who wanted to stay with people of our kind, no drinks, no smoking. Well he gelled in well. He was pretty some coder when he joined the company, but it was an year or so and nothing eventful was happening in his life, personal or professional.

I used to work in noon-shifts during those days and he too. So we would meet for dinner daily and discuss for sometime. I used to motivate him to bring some change in his life and push him beyond limit (as he says now). Then he got along with some of his colleagues at work, who happened to be lot of party time boys. He gelled with them well and eventually started going to parties (alcohol parties mostly). Today he is a big time drinking alcohol most of the time (not an addict exactly, but yes, compared to what he was and what he drinks like now, there is a huge change) He used to go to church every Sunday and sing prayers. If you ask me, I don’t remember the last time he went to church in 2 years.

He says it was all my fault to push him for change in the first place. So I accept it and say – Blame it on me !

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