Pain in Love, Love with Pain

It is in the realm of being loved and loving someone
sometimes, things go out of proportion
and what comes in the way is pain.

Pain in love is usual
but the pain that breaks you
from the inside
evaporates you and
makes you shallow
that you lose yourself !

I think that kind of Pain
doesn’t possess any value or need,
even in the presence of Love !

9 thoughts on “Pain in Love, Love with Pain

      1. Well I wrote it as a poetry or quote. You identified as a song.
        Darshith -(not sure his tone of speech or mode, seems sarcastic) asked to share the link
        Me – (in a suggestive tone) told him to ask you to song.
        Which you may however choose in the way that suits you the most.
        It is not a should, it is a choice.

        But if you would, you already have two guys waiting to listen.


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