Quotes – Part 2

Don’t sacrifice your time for people who wouldn’t do the same for you.

In Life and Love, Stay true to yourself.
Never Change who you are
Nor sacrifice what you want
To become what someone else demands.

All Great Changes are preceded by chaos.

There is always someone on this Earth,
waiting to you love in the same way !   – Original

I’m like a open bird,
free to take my flight,
into the forest of my choice !   – Original

Be formless. Don’t be rigid, be fluid.

Baby I have shatter-less heart whatever you do, I will not break !  – Original

Even if you burn me down,
I will rise again from my ashes,
Baby I am a Phoenix
Baby I am a Phoenix !    – Original

This post is a part of Quote series containing the lessons of life, motivational, inspirational statements I have written from time to time in my life.

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