Infinite Silence

Have you ever experienced complete silence ?

The kind of silence where you can hear your breath. You can hear the movement of air from your nostrils. The air around you is still. You hear the crickets chirping. Everything is so dark around. It is like black dark. You are in a room. You don’t see the sky. You hear the howling of dogs in the distant. You can feel the sounds echoing while they reach you. You hold your breath and you  release.

When you move, you make noise. You close your eyes, you can imagine a beautiful world with sun, sky, river, trees, birds and animals. You can imagine nature in it’s full blossomed state, but when you open your eyes, there is just darkness. Apart from the sounds of dogs and crickets, there is nothing else that reminds you of nature. It is midnight and you have no where to go, but wait for the morning. There is no electricity in the vicinity and everyone is sleeping.

When you experience silence of this intensity, you know that reality is much more bigger than our worries of life. All the worries about work, money, loans, job, career, success, fun, entertainment, happiness, purpose, family, reservation, social issues, economics, politics and everything that seems to be coming down on you hard and fast, suddenly seem to be of secondary importance. You realize that when the true moment comes, the only thing that would matter is what you make of your life. What is that you did in your life and what you leave behind in this world. Even more deeper into your thoughts, when the silence takes control of your head, when all the inhibitions and vibes cease out, you experience bliss.

You know inside of you there is this beautiful amazing soul, protected by the skeletal bones, covered by the skin and felt by the mind. This soul is what makes you and when you awaken the soul within, every moment on this earth, turns into a beautiful experience. You cease to fight, You cease to give up. You become enlightened and innocent at the same time. You become wise and yet let go of all the knowledge. You experience much more that can be expressed in words. You travel through the universe and break all notions about human capabilities.

So let the silence entire you, to liberate you from all the noises in and around you, in such a way, that you reach to a point, where you discover your true self, the SOUL within.

Can you sense the silence ?

14 thoughts on “Infinite Silence

  1. It’s a nice description of the highest level of meditation. Have you really experienced that? I’d like to try that once. A complete peace. Nice post Bhanu.

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  2. That silence becomes me in the dark of the night when I lay under the covers while the moon’s in full glow and the surroundings quiet.
    That silence is the salvation when nothing else feels right and the hope’s lost. Because you know that you have that silence surrounding you,enveloping you,becoming you.:)
    Really great post, I would say.:D
    Love love love it.✌

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