Tomorrow never comes !

If you are waiting for some magic to happen tomorrow because you are hopeful about it, then let me tell you tomorrow never comes. Tomorrow is place where no one has been. All you have is yesterday’s memoirs and today. You need to do whatever you have to do within today.

You may ask, how can I do everything today itself ? Well, what is that you want to do tomorrow, that can’t be done today ? You get me ?

If you think, that you will go to gym from tomorrow, then when you get up tomorrow, you will have other things to take care of. If you feel the importance of going to gym then take a step right away. Stop reading the post and go to the nearest gym in your location.

Anything that you think, you will start from tomorrow, whether it be studying a new subject, learning a new skill or art, developing a new habit, getting yourself organized, you need to do it today. You need to take the first step today and everything else we follow.

If you feel that there is a lot on your plate already and you cannot take it up now, then you must make the right schedule for the next step and then let that time come for processing, meanwhile focus on everything else you have to do and do it very well.

When you start doing well with the objectives you have in your hand today and you become good at it, you will have less to worry about tomorrow. You will not have to push your stuff on tomorrow. You can include new things in your today.

If you have to appreciate someone for the work they have done in your life, then do it today. If you want to thank someone for favor, do it today. I know you cannot thank every one right away, just today. But when I say do it today, I mean the day when you get the thought that you want to thank someone and you think, you will do that first thing in the tomorrow. Well why wait for tomorrow then, you may very well do it today, if you cannot call, just text them with your true feelings(Do Not Propose Someone Over Text!)

When you start living in today, you need to develop a new habit of thinking for 10 minutes in the morning. It is not new, it is just like the last minute thoughts you had while you lived in tomorrow. You think before sleeping the tasks you have to do the next day and wonder about them. Sometimes you are excited and the other times nervous, which in most cases end up disturbing your sleep. While you start living in today, the entire thought process has to start in the morning, because that’s when your today starts. Highlight the important things you are going to take care of. It need not go on for hours, just a 5-10 minutes of reminding yourself and then you are good to go. Slowly it will become a part of your lifestyle.

Make the best of your today and stop living in tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes.


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